Political Islam and Sharia Should Be Outlawed in Europe

“Let us look… at the parallel legal system that is gradually creeping into the EU….The emergence of these enclaves, reinforced by elite policies of multiculturalism, group identity politics, and the deconstruction of Western heritage, has contributed to the fracturing of Western European nations and has weakened the overall sense of mutual responsibility for one’s fellow citizens.”

  • Dana Garcia

    Islam pretends to be a religion, but in fact it is a totalitarian political system seeking to enslave the planet.

    It should be treated accordingly.

    • Agreed, but overall Canadians are far too complacent and far too trusting of our political class to make change happen, people are still too afraid to be bludgeoned with the smear of “racism” for merely standing up for themselves. That has to end.

      • Would Nazis be OK as a religion?

        Why is Islam OK?

      • disqusW6sf

        Canadians need to explore new ideas. ie being called racist is equal to being anti-white. Maybe Tim Murdoch et al will create ready made responses to being called “racist” in 2018.

      • Dana Garcia

        I think there’s a basic human nature problem where when government works, it’s easy to think that’s the norm. Which is why decent politicians are often followed by terrible ones.

        As for the “racism” crapola, we can only point to the totalitarian nature of the koran and subsequent behavior of followers.

  • As Islam does not separate between religious and political aspects of life, one cannot allow it as a legal system for it would over-ride existing laws.

    • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

      But you just know that Canadians in general are just far too stupid to even realize that…Until it’s too late, then they will be screaming why no one did anything about it before it got to that point.

      • Even then they won’t complain.

      • A Hamilton Guy

        They are not stupid. They are just to lazy to get informed. They just prefer the stupid tube and the politically correct talking heads.

  • bargogx1

    No accomodations, no appeasement. End it all, now. It’s the only way.

  • Alain

    If the imperialist political part and sharia are removed, then there is nothing left in Islam, because anything “religious” is pretty small and insignificant.

  • P_F

    How many different forms of islam are out there; political, religious, radical, moderate? Which one is more authentic? Which one out all of them would be acceptable to majority of muslims? And most importantly how & who is going to separate political, radical & sharia aspect from the real islam?

    • All these ‘different forms’ of Islam are invented for the express purpose of convincing fools that the problems lie only with extremist fringe groups, not with Islam itself. The problem is Islam, and it should be totally banned from any civilised society.

      The reason it has not been banned throughout Europe seems to lie with Common Purpose, and its brainwashed creeps that have infiltrated virtually all positions of authority throughout Europe and Britain. Listen to Pat Condell on Youtube.

  • deplorabledave

    The death cult aka islam should be banned everywhere.

  • Ego

    The fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as “political Islam” per se.
    Islam is a complete social, political, legal, financial, military, and yes, as a thin veneer, religious system designed for the sole purpose of subjugating the world, and perfectly fused together such that you can NOT take away any of its constituent parts—just trying to do that is blasphemy punishable by death, and not even by a court, because any Muslim can rightfully kill you for it.
    As Erdogan correctly said: there is no Extremist Islam and moderate Islam, there is just Islam, and even talking about “extremist” and “moderate” is insulting to Muslims.
    The West should realize that it cannot fight this cancer by trying to be nice and fantasizing about an imagined “moderate” Islam that can and should be embraced. There is only one Koran, one Sunna, one Hadith, one Islam.
    You can fight all or nothing of it, there is no middle ground.

    • Alain

      A winner.