My but aren’t they integrating well…

‘YOU’RE NOT WELCOME’ Gangsters warn cops to stay off ‘Kurdish street’ in Nottingham and offer £5k bribes to drop drug dealing probe

  • ontario john

    Diversity is our strength!!

  • Editor

    Although she’s apparently now been replaced, Nottinghamshire Police is where Sue Fish of “wolfwhistling is a hate crime” fame works. I wonder if the new guy will have different prioorities. Like not tolerating being told there are no-go zones for the Police in town.

  • simus1

    My innocuous comical/ sarcastic comment to the DM that the Kurd gangsters made a huge mistake in trying to “big bribe” street level plods instead of going higher up the food chain apparently did not tickle the DM’s funny bone.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Wee bit sensitive are they. When you’re getting flak you’re over the target.

      • simus1

        The DM comment filters are a complete mystery when trying to navigate. Suppose some can make a hobby of mapping them.

  • disqusW6sf

    Muslim and/or African gang invasions of Europe, Australia, Canada, USA thanks to the Trudeaus of the western world.