Iran for dummies: Q&A with Iranian-Toronto activist

Iran is in turmoil.

Reports say at least 21 are dead and 1,000 others have been arrested in uprisings all over the country; we turned to Iranian-Canadian activist Keyvan Soltany for insight on the situation there. Soltany, an engineer who has been in Canada since 1990, was born in Kermanshah Province. He left his country in 1978 to study in India after political unrest shut down Iranian universities.

An outspoken advocate of refugee and human rights, Soltany lives and works in Toronto.

  • ntt1

    why give this guy any standing? he ran away from his country rather than fight for its freedom, he prefers nice cosy Canada where he gets lots of free stuff and the police won;t kick down his door for leading from the rear just like obama. Persian patriots are in the streets all over Iran not sitting on bloor street typing outrage into a tablet

    • Khomeini was a French resident before the revolution.

      • ntt1

        yes and fomenting the revolution from there just as this asshole is trying to do but from Canada. toss him back.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Who cares about these people, they are cowards who cut and run at the first sign of trouble and will do the same if anything happens in Canada.