Counter-terror detectives sacked for skipping duties at Manchester Airport

Two counter-terrorism officers have been sacked after an investigation revealed they had been skipping their duties whilst on nightshift at Manchester Airport.

It has emerged that Jason Coman and Jennifer Gold had been neglecting their roles which included checking airline passenger lists and stopping suspects.

Instead the pair were found to be spending “extended periods of time” in their office inside the terminal building. It is not believed that they are in a relationship.

  • simus1

    Just eager plods catching a few winks to be in top form for their day jobs?
    People can be so mean and envious over nothing.

  • WalterBannon

    public “servants” just “earning” their golden pensions by serving the public

  • Watchman

    C’mon, they were attempting to do their part in increasing the birth rate of non-Muslim babies as a practical effort to keep Britain non-Muslim. /sarc

  • caliroxanne

    The Islamofauxbia industry is so powerful that perhaps they feared (rightly so) that if they confronted a Muslim, they would be called racist (even though Islam is not a race), terminated, brought up on hate crime charges, possibly jailed and maybe even sued. They figured that repercussions for not performing the functions of their jobs were far preferable to having to face the Islam lobby.