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New Data Drives a Giant Pitchfork Straight Through Liberal Climate Change Narrative

It’s really hard to take the liberal left seriously when it comes to climate change. Not only do we often see really irrational arguments such as the latest push to start throwing “climate deniers” in jail but the left is constantly wrong about the numbers.

The 20 Most Annoying Liberals of 2017

Honorable mentions: Bill Clinton, Cher, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Stephen Colbert, Carmen Yulín Cruz, Lauren Duca, Lena Dunham, Keith Ellison, Jill Filipovich, Al Franken, Kirsten Gillibrand, Al Gore, Al Green, Kamala Harris, Chris Hayes, Jemele Hill, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, Van Jones, Tim Kaine, Steven King, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, “Chelsea” Manning, Chris Matthews, Alyssa Milano, Ed Murray, Tariq Nasheed, Keith Olbermann, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Ben Rhodes, Linda Sarsour, Chuck Schumer, Starbucks, Brian Stelter, George Takei, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, The View, Joan Walsh, Wil Wheaton, Montel Williams, Sally Yates, Mark Zuckerberg (2016 list).


When it comes to cheque hand-outs, the Trudeau government easily tops Harper’s record

After just over two years in office, the Trudeau Liberals have made nearly 9,000 spending announcements, easily eclipsing the 7,300 spending announcements made during the four-year majority government of their predecessors, the Harper Conservatives.

The combined value of all those Liberal announcements made in just over two years stands at $34.27 billion versus the combined value of four years of Harper announcements at $45.14 billion.

Racist Attacks by Media Don’t Affect White People, U. of Md. Prof Says

Racial attacks by media don’t hurt White Americans, so it’s okay to attack them based on their race, an African-American Studies professor told Fox News Host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday.

Carlson, making the case that it’s wrong to attack anyone on the basis of race, asked University of Maryland Prof. Jason Nichols why it’s not wrong for media to attack White people.

Professor Nichols replied that the racial attacks are justified, “Because…it would not affect White people”.

COWARDICE: Communist China Intimidating Canadian Activists, Even Threatening Lives Of Their Families, Yet Trudeau Remains Silent

The Trudeau government remains committed to turning us into a submissive colony of the ruthless Communist State.

An incredibly disturbing report reveals the extent to which the Communist Chinese government is seeking to threaten activists in Canada who criticize the regime.

As noted by the National Post, one activist in Ontario originally from China was subjected to threats while in China, including threats against his family.