Caught: Progressive leaders flashing the white power sign?

Readers may recall the legacy media meltdown over the claim that a Trump intern flashed a From Matt Vespa at white power sign at a photo op:

For a White House intern was captured throwing up what many on the Left say is a white power hand gesture in a recent photograph with the president. The picture included President Donald Trump and the fall intern class all had them giving a thumbs up for the photograph, except Jack Breuer, who was giving the ‘OK’ sign, which has been used by virtually everyone. Progressives claim the three fingers form a “W,” while the index finger curling to meet the thumb to form an “O” shape somehow forms a “P.” WP= White power in the land of social media leftism. Has it been used by the alt-right crew to troll the liberal media? Yes. Does it make it an actual white power gesture? No. Even the Anti-Defamation League said this was symbol meant nothing (via Newsweek) More.

Here’s one to bookmark: Progressives making the same sign.

Reality check: It actually doesn’t matter what it means, of course, because the Trump derangees will soon be seeing these kinds of messages in the clouds in their coffee …

See also: Trump didn’t “break” those celebs. They were being sold “as is” anyway.

Trump realized that the people who would ever consider voting for him did not take their cues from the celebs. If he just refused to placate the celebs, they would melt down, blow up, and maybe blow away.

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