Acton Institute wonders: Is Iran promoting socialism in Spain?

From Ángel Manuel García Carmona at Acton Instititute:

In March 2013, during a conference session organized by the Communist Youth Union of Aragon, Pablo Iglesias said that Iran’s government is interested in spreading left-wing ideology throughout Latin America and Spain, because it would undermine those societies. “The Germans were interested in putting Lenin on a train to destabilize Russia,” he said. “The Iranians are interested in the spread of leftist discourse in Latin America and Spain, because it affects their adversaries.”

Meanwhile the owner of that TV channel, Enrique Riobóo, told the parliamentary commission that the leader of PODEMOS, Pablo Iglesias, brokered an agreement for the Iranian regime to invest in the channel. Riobóo also alleged that Iglesias’ party used “millions of euros” from Iran to fund PODEMOS during the 2014 European elections. More.

Reality check: Spain’s birth rate is now so low (1.32 births per woman (2015)) that it probably won’t matter what their politic are. Someone else’s kids will inherit Spain and make their own rules.

See also: American media silent on Iran protests because they have lost the ability to cover news. Never forget that the current purveyors of mainstream media might fancy a role as the virtuous PR for a police state for themselves. Popular revolutions against establishment media are just deplorable.