What Happened in Sweden: Security Chief Says Terror Threat Is ‘New Normal’

Anders Thornberg told the BBC that, while the Scandinavian country only had to monitor around 200 extremists a few years ago, it now has at least 3,000 to contend with — no small task for a country of just 10 million people, where the authorities are already unable to deal with a growing migrant crime wave.

  • sk6actual

    Sweden lost their ‘nads with the neutrality of WWII. Churchill accused Sweden of ignoring the greater moral issues while profiting from iron ore exports, supply of steel and machine parts to Nazi Germany throughout the war. Although sheltering Jewish refugees during that conflict, they more than erase that gracious moment with the importation of barbaric hordes who wish nothing more than the completion of Hitler’s Final Solution.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Or as the helmsman of the Titanic quipped “Fuck it, it’s just ICE!”

  • deplorabledave

    Sweden is dead to me.

    • Sweden is clearly on the path to civil war and/or death.