The Wolff Book Proves It: Our Journalists Stink

The self-destruction of Steve Bannon is a terrific story but not an important story. That is, for those of us who love politics for its Shakespearean revelation of character on the grand stage, it’s an amazing farewell-to-all-my-greatness moment. But if you are concerned about the threats to liberty at home and abroad, the prosperity of our fellow Americans and allies, and the positive developments — like fresh space exploration — that might emerge from a new American century, well, Steve don’t matter much. Or at all.

  • Bernie

    Are the MSM Fair, Objective, Balanced, Revealing true sources? Obviously not. MSM is like watching the latest X Files show. You are led down a certain path they want you to follow with little to no information on a never ending soap opera with no known conclusion save for whatever the author may have in mind. In other words Manipulative. Articles ant Trump = 90%+. Pro Trump ???? Hard to find any.

    • Two words for the MSM’s credibility – Gorilla Channel

      • I use to watch the MSM. I use to subscribe to the local newspaper. Then came Trump.

        Occasionally I still turn on a MSM program. But; if they start out with negative Trump BS, off it goes. I dropped the morning paper because of daily negative Trump trash. I even have a five second rule on the radio – negative Trump and it’s off too.

        Thank God for the internet.

        Hopefully the revenue stream to the MSM continues to decline. They have earned the right to fail.

  • Solo712

    I have the feeling that Michael Wolff BS compendium on Trump’s WH does its job: it gets the writer quick cash and his fifteen minutes of fame.

  • WildWelshWoman

    I used to wonder how people like Michael Wolff sleep at night, knowing full well that they are deceitful, habitual liars, and then I realized it’s because they have no conscience. They have all sold their souls to the devil.