The Vape Update

Still going strong. Haven’t had a cig in 2 years and 8 mos.

Got some new gear today. I bought Uwell’s Valyrian tank. One nice feature, the top flips open for easy filling at the push of a button.

Here’s a pic of the coil with the corkscrew adapter inserted which is supposed to improve air flow in some way. They have another adapter as well which looks, for propriety’s sake, like a cotton swab. If you don’t like either you can just use it as is out of the box. I stuck the corkscrew in right away just because I can. The coil is rated at 90 to 120 Watts and the tank’s claim to fame is that it will produce clouds without sacrificing e-juice flavour.

Impressive packaging with the usual little extras. The second 510 drip-tip is nice to have, O-rings, a spare glass, etc. With that flip top I feel like I’m living on the Starship Enterprise.

I bought it even though I have run into issues with my previous Uwell purchase. I bought the Crown III tank a couple of months ago, it came highly recommended and to be frank when it works it’s great but… I have had a lot of coils burn out early, as in really fast after only an hour’s use in a couple of instances. This is not good, it’s 20 bucks for a pack of 4. I see on the web that quality control issues may be the culprit given the demand for what is a very popular tank. I re-examined my priming process, tried breaking the coils in at a graduated rate of wattage till my desired level is reached, ran the tank on both of my mods and this week decided life is too short. So I bought the Valyrian. Though I’ve only had it a couple of hours I like what I am seeing so far. If anyone has experienced similar issues with the Crown III coils let me know. I’m not the only one but plenty of others have had nothing but good experiences with the Crown III.

Mandatory Gratuitous Vape Girl Pic.

  • Red-Pilled Conservative

    Been vaping myself for 3 years this New Tears Day! No cigarettes in all that time.

  • Congrats!!

  • Uncommunist

    Cripes ! Looks like you could go to Venus ! and the vape thingy too.

  • RosalindJ

    5+ years now. Took me a bit to graduate to where I am in terms of equipment – Innokin iTaste Pro with a glass and metal Nautilus tank – and I’ve stayed with it for about four years. Sturdy, and I get bottom coils from FastTech out of Hong Kong at a great price, plus I can charge my phone off of it in a pinch. I know things have advanced a lot. I don’t even know what that thing is in the photos, lol, but GREAT!
    It feels soooo good to not smoke cigarettes. I did find out that I really like nicotine 😉

    • That is great Rosalind. I gotta look up that Hong Kong outfit!

      • RosalindJ

        I have to be careful to go there only (generally) for vaping supplies, else I’ll be like a kid in a candy store.
        Decent CS. They will get to you during their business hours, during the work week. It will be a little wearing if you need a response rightnow. Ain’t going to happen. Never bought anything high dollar, but never had a complaint, either.

  • canminuteman

    Isn’t the idea of vaping to ween yourself of cigarettes, and then stop vaping as well? It’s probably way better for you than cigarettes, but it’s still not good for you.