Rex Murphy: Too frigid for global warming? This is why they rebranded it ‘climate change’

Of course I believe in global warming. How could I not? It happens even in the meteorological riot ward I know as home, dear, cruel Newfoundland. Yes, even in Newfoundland you see it every year. It’s cold and dirty and heartbreaking in February, and yet by June, well — sometimes a little later, say July to be safe — it is actually measurably warmer. In places. Sometimes. Most years. Once every decade, for sure.

  • ontario john

    I would go outside and check out this global warming issue, but its -34 with the wind chill, and I would have to shovel three feet of snow. I guess this global warming problem has been around a long time, because when I checked to see what the highest recorded temperature was for a certain day last week it was back in the 1860s. I guess they didn’t have a carbon tax back then.

  • It’s a product and like all products, it must be packaged.

    • ECM

      Generally, tho, one doesn’t package what one is selling with bullshit.

      (Although it is amazing how many people *love* bullshit.)

      • Just sell them actual bull crap.

        Tell them it will reduce global warming by five percent and that every percent counts.

        How many people would fall for that?

  • ontario john

    The CBC has issued a global warming alert for the Swiss Alps. Apparently it is so cold and so much snow has fallen, that resorts are buried and the army has been called out.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Watch out for the coming ‘weather bomb”….

  • DMB

    Does President Donald Trump take credit for “solving global warming”! LOL