No mosques & 8 pm curfew: Denmark’s 2nd biggest party unveils anti-ghetto policy

The right-wing populist Danish People’s Party (DPP) has unveiled a radical seven-point plan to tackle social problems in migrant-dominated areas, after the country’s PM said he planned “to physically bulldoze” ghettos.

  • Dana Garcia
    • Editor

      Can hardly get any clearer than that, can you.

      • M1 – Arrest the mullahs.
        M2 – Close the mosques.
        M3 – Confiscate all the money.

        Read it all at:

        • Editor

          That plan starts with the premise that “Islam is a (cult) criminal enterprise.” I doubt many western politicians are willing to say that out loud. Right off the bat the Danish politician in this story is labeled a “right-wing populist”. I see this as a plus but I don’t think Europe has worked up the courage to tackle the problem head on yet.

          • I deal in realism.

            Islam is a death cult. Take the three steps and the Islamic problem decreases dramatically.

            Political fantasy be damned.

          • Bless his heart

            Islam’s goal is world conquest by any means that works.

            Whether a cult or not, they do not belong anywhere except maybe on the Arabian Peninsula. Return all Muslims to the Arabian Peninsula, and send all future Muslims there should some “mentally ill” person adopt / submit to Islam.

        • Bless his heart

          Depot / expel all of the Muslims / military colonists who follow Sharia.
          Anyone who follows Islam / Sharia cannot be a loyal citizen of any non Muslim nation, except by lying / taqiyya.

    • sk6actual

      Forgot the timing … when full
      They don’t respect our facilities, why should I respect theirs?

    • Blacksmith

      I think they should institute the curfew before they bulldoze the place……

  • H

    Gee, they’re going to mske JT cry (of course, that’s not hard to do).

  • Alain

    Still refusing to cut out and remove the root of the problem: deport the Muslims causing it.

  • bargogx1

    Love that phrase “divisive symbolism”. Always good to see the Left’s own tactics used against them.