‘Minimum wage bully hotline’ launched by Ottawa labour council

An Ottawa labour council has launched a hotline to publicly shame businesses cutting paid breaks and other worker benefits after the province’s minimum wage hike.

Despite the anger of many Ontario residents at the ruinous Wynne government I doubt that Brown can upset her. If all the usual suspects band together to support her once again there is little we can do. Too many are dependent on the government tit to rule out a Liberal “victory”.

  • Justin Started

    Screw the commie Liberals that think they know how individual businesses make a decent profit! And don’t get me riled at the Marxist CBC, Unions, N-Dippers etc, etc! I would not even donate
    money to help pay their moving expenses to Castro’s homeland!

    Who in their right mind listens to a delusional Dike anyhow? And to think that one time many moons ago I voted for Sweet talkin Tommy Douglas! Cringe worthy EH!

    • Bla Bla

      Man, ontari-owe-ians are in for a surprise when venezeula level inflation hits along with the other staples of socialism – hunger, poverty, and disease. All I can say is ‘too bad’ – suck it, as just like in venezuela, they too voted for it here. Man, no one learns their lesson that envy and greed (on part of the communists) always leads to ruin for all but very small few.

      • DMB

        What a “coincidence” that Venezuala had just increased their minimum wage rate to a whopping 40% to cope with rapidly high inflation at the same time Ontario increased their minimum wage rate by 32%. I guess Wynne & Maduro both feel the need to bring more “fairness” to their jurisdictions. Ontario this is your future!

      • Surele Surele

        I keep thinking: they’ve seen Eastern Europe under USSR, they see Cuba and Venezuela. How can they keep following the same trajectory? We all know what’s at the end. Boggles my mind.

        • Bla Bla

          I believe it’s because people in general are a dangerous combination of stupid and hopeful. It’s almost like people treat socialism like some sort of demented lottery hoping that they’ll strike it rich and that socialism as promised by its charismatic leaders will just work this time around. We just need to keep trying (no matter how many millions of individuals get tossed into the meat grinder) until it works. We just need to use our feeeeeeeeelings… We are so f.cked.

          • Surele Surele

            Don’t remember where I’ve read this (perhaps on BCF): “how come they never say: this was not the true Nazism/Fascism?

          • Bla Bla

            lol – indeed!

  • ontario john

    Apparently the labour unions are asking Wynne to form special groups dressed in brown shirts to smash windows of businesses that don’t comply. I don’t think that has been done before.

    • Bla Bla

      LOL – I was thinking the same here too. What next, perhaps they’ll demand small business owners wear a symbol on their clothing too like their brothers the nazis did to the Jewish. So ironic that they don’t see that they are a spitting image of the brown shirts from the days of the reich.

      Mr Chambers! The book, Das Kapital, it’s a cook book! (And that is exactly what socialism does in the end when the only food you can grab is the remains of the poor sucker next to you who just died of starvation)


    • DMB

      Don’t be ridiculous. Trudeau & Wynne are far too progressive to have brown shirts. No they have their pink shirts to emphasize how important our homosexual parades are and ensure those “evil” capitalists don’t focus on remaining economically competitive. Brown shirts are for Hitler, Black shirts are for Mussolini while Trudeau & Wynne have their pink shirts.


      • Surele Surele

        There goes my tea!

      • They’ll get the leftist mask wearing crowd or the Islamists to do the bullying for them.

        • Bla Bla

          Exactly – and that’s the problem, they never get nailed with the violence and theft they have created as it’s always done at arms length through other agencies and actors that act on their behalf.

          • Every regime has had its “outside contractors”.

          • Bla Bla


  • Alain

    In otherr words small business owners are expected to work for nothing in order to comply with the minimum wage. When you own and run a small business you are not paid a salary and yet work long and hard hours, much more than any employee, along with having the responsibility of trying not to go bankrupt. The small profit you are hopefully able to make is your sole income without any of the government benefits granted to employees.

  • Waffle

    I’m not Catholic but I sincerely hope there is a ninth circle of hell in which this evil bitch will bun for all eternity for the havoc she has wreaked and the misery she has caused. It would also be fitting if she endures a slow and agonizing death.

    • DMB

      I’m am sure there is a special place in Hell for people like Wynne.

  • Ed

    “And if Mr. Joyce Jr. wants to pick a fight, pick that fight with me and not the people who are working at the service window of the stores,” the premier said.”

    June, my dear. The fight’s dated for June.

    • She’ll find money for the unions, the very people who exploit the teens who work at Tim’s.

  • Tell me that there isn’t a war against businesses in this province.

    Tell me.