I was wondering what happened to this guy…

Jagmeet Singh, the Trudeau Liberals’ new best friend

  • deplorabledave

    I was wondering what happened to adam schiff.

  • simus1

    On a well travelled path. Remember when Chretien recalled home his sleeper assets in the NDP to Ottawa to bolster the cause.

  • LairdKintyre

    PrimeMinister Andrew Scheer 2019. With the Lefts offerings we cant lose

    • H

      There are only 30, maximum 40 percent solid conservatives at any given time in this country. To say it leans leftward is an understatement. So if the PCs are to have any chance then, as with Stephen Harper’s majority, the NDP must perform well too. The NDP support collapsed last election and that more than anything was the reason the Libs won their majority. PCs, like it or not, need a strong NDP to split the leftist vote (and of course, the Libs are left wing now, not centrist at all).

      • That is the unfortunate scenario we face.

      • Solo712

        The only promise Scheer holds for conservatives is that he will put an end to Trudeau-Morneau fiscal inanities (including payments to terrorist scum). In anything else you can’t tell the two parties apart. Jagmaat Singh will not win even 2% among voters who are over 50 and not visible Sikh minority.

    • Alain

      So far Scheer seems determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. He either is silent or trying to climb on on the same band wagon as the Liberals when it comes to the biggest and most important issues.

      • Felix_Culpa

        Some of it is probably (or I hope it is, anyway) tactics. There is a difference between tactics and strategy.

  • bob e

    May as well rely on a totally foreign way of thinking to right the boat.
    Hope Justin dosen’t burn his wife out of mistaken ritual.

  • ontario john

    Last I heard he was driving a dump truck in Toronto. Maybe he is spending some quality time with Naomi Klein, since she and her commie buddies seem to be running the NDP now.

    • P_F

      A few days ago I saw him wearing security guard jacket outside a local bank in Vancouver. And a friend actually rode into his taxi home in Calgary.

  • Solo712

    Jagmeet Singh destroyed his political career by his response to a single question by Terry Milewski. In the history of Canadian politics there hasn’t been a more terrible “fumble” (remember Stanfield?) than that. Point that Singh did not get is: Canadian voters may be political pussyfooters but they are definitely not Punjabi chickenshit that could be intimidated by the likes of him.

    • But they are.

      Air India means nothing to most Canadians.

      And Jagmeet Singh knows it.

      • Felix_Culpa

        True, ‘dat. Millennials have likely never heard of it.

        • Even after Sikh extremists blew entire families out of the sky in 1985, no one cared.

          Canadians considered it a “foreign” disaster.

          When bollards don’t work and Canadians end up as road pizza, I’m sure that will be a “foreign” disaster, too.

  • bargogx1

    But, but, he’s so “diverse”.

  • Gary

    If muslims want Jan 29th to be an annual day of mourning because of the mosque shooting in Quebec …..would they support June 23rd as a day of Mourning for the 260 Canadians killed in 1985 by Sikh terrorists in Canada . A 747 was blown up at 40,000 feet and over 600 klm an hour where are large portion of the victims were
    canadian children .

    Oh wait , when minorities slaughter us we are to stay silent and accept it as the cost for Diversity and Tolerance.
    That’s why Jagmeet Singh REFUSED to denounce it when question by the Media….but Justin was quick to Apologise to Sikh’s for that 100+ years old case where a Boat load of them were refused to dock and exit into B.C. .
    Just a note about Justin’s Apology Tour where the CBC is leaving out a very important FACT…..I’ve counter 5 apologised for harm or Human Rights violations that were under a LIBERAL PM with good intentions.

    In 30+ years a Liberal PM will apologise to the all the victims of Justin’s insane islamophilia to import thousands of people that hate us and are hard-core Jew-hating Homophobes.

    The attached photo shows how the religion of the Terrorists was purged from every Plaque which includes the ones across Canada.
    But the Muslims will make sure that the Mosque shooting is blamed on the 34,000,000 filthy islamophobes in Canada because it will incite jihad.


  • P_F

    Only in kaneduh; A turbaned version of obama.

  • DMB

    Jagmeet Singh recently said that he wants to take on Justin Trudeau not only at the ballet box but in the wrestling ring. That’s right Jagmeet Singh Justin’s carbon copy with a visible minority twist wants to wrestle Justin. I can imagine the spectacle Jagmeet will make of this never mind Justin.