HASSAN: Iranian protesters are shunning the hijab – let’s join them

The recent Iranian protests are about a whole array of issues, including the hijab, the head covering which Iranian women have been forced to wear for decades.

  • moraywatson

    The hijab is a political statement, a projection of claimed muslim supremacism. It serves to let infidels know that totalitarian islam is present, and that the women who wear it have male handlers in the community. The hijab goes hand in hand with the islamic edict that a muslim woman cannot marry a non-muslim man – so HANDS OFF INFIDEL.

    The hijab is a political statement, just like the swastika is a political statement. If you are wearing it, the question is not one of whether it is your choice to wear it, but rather one of why have you not chosen to NOT wear it.

    • As long as any woman is forced to wear these signs of oppression, no woman should be allowed to wear them.

      • Solo712

        Same as with high heels for hookers required by their pimps, I suppose. Ain’t that simple, my friend.

        • I don’t see many pimps in suicide vests.

  • Linda1000
  • sk6actual

    Hiding some of the world’s most beautiful women …

    • John

      Back in ancient days, Persian women were often considered, by both Greeks and Romans, as being the most beautiful.

  • Linda1000
    • sk6actual

      That certainly won’t compare to 4.5 million casualties from the 80s Iran Iraq conflict.

      • Linda1000

        True, but this is an islam culture issue more than a war issue. Child brides married to old men end up being widows due to age difference even though some of the men may have died due to terrorist activities or fighting elsewhere. Iran is not fighting any major war right now.

        • sk6actual


  • deplorabledave

    Are Iranians just another line of arrogant muslims?

  • Malcolm Y

    I think someone once asked Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch; what is the craziest most violent group of mohammedans? And he said whichever group is the majority in that particular society/area/locality/etc.