Frau Merkel gets a lesson in free speech

Free speech, the driving principle of the American experiment in how free men govern themselves, is a principle that does not always travel well. Free speech requires constant defense and the careful attention of loving hands. Mere lip service won’t do it.

Americans are armed with the First Amendment, the most important amendment of all, and it does not guarantee polite or even responsible speech, but free speech. The humblest citizen is entitled to say whatever he pleases. He can expect to pay the consequences of irresponsible speech, but the government can’t stop him from saying it.

Certain politicians even here from time to time seem frustrated enough to want to create exceptions. Who likes to hear himself berated by pipsqueaks? So far the Supreme Court has held the line, even upholding the right to say outrageous and wicked things unless they lead someone to commit actual crimes.

  • Uncommunist

    I’ve been blacklisted by the Washington Times …

    • Uncommunist

      German Muslim ‘migrants’:
      975,000 on welfare
      34,000 with jobs
      117,000 being sought by police for criminal investigation.

      • Uncommunist

        oh and WP … up yours with a wire brush

      • Watchman

        Well the Germans could employ another 117,000 migrants by getting them to look for those first 117,000 – assisted by having the same culture, the same language, even with the same disdain for the host country and their law. I’m sure that will turn out well. If not, then they could employ another 234,000 migrants to look for the first two wayward sets of migrants. /sarc

    • Slickfoot


  • CodexCoder

    The ex-stasi really doesn’t believe in free speech.

    • Watchman

      Sure they do, and they have the drugs, the beatings and the electrical stimulation of your gonads to help you sing like a canary. /sarc