‘Don’t step out of line’: Confidential report reveals how Chinese officials harass activists in Canada

At home in Ontario, his activism barely raised an eyebrow.

But when a quiet-spoken Chinese dissident travelled to the country of his birth last year, security officers shadowed him for weeks, booking hotel rooms next to his, even following him to breakfast.

Before he left, they also had a disturbingly direct message: Stop condemning the Chinese government to Canadian media, or the family he had come to visit would face the consequences.

  • So Xi would really appreciate it if people didn’t bring up female infanticide, North Korean sex slavery, corporate espionage and the actual death toll of Tienanmen Square?

    • He would be most appreciative if we simply let him loot our nation in peace.

      • Indeed.

        We mustn’t mention the corruption, either, nor the “little emperor” mentalities he and his imperious buddies possess.

  • shasta

    When it comes to enemies of Canada, Canadian elites and Canadian politicians have almost always been as blind as blind can be.

    • Alain

      No, they are not blind. They only care about themselves and how they can benefit financially and to hell with the country and its citizens.

      • Exactly so, the Liberals are lining up for a share of the spoils.

      • shasta

        That is true also, but I don’t find the two mutually exclusive.

    • taxpayer

      Blind? They ARE The Enemy.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Thanks! I’m going to send that suggestion to Gerald Butts.