Support for Anti-Israel BDS Movement ‘Virtually Nonexistent’ Among College Students, Study Finds

Student activists at the University of Michigan (UM) made school history this past November after successfully lobbying the student government to pass an anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) resolution. The first of its kind at UM, the resolution urged the university to divest from three Israeli companies, and was passed 23-17.

If the UM student government truly represented the student population, then this resolution would reflect widespread anti-Israel sentiment among students. Indeed, this is a concern for many Jewish and pro-Israel parents, who worry that American universities are slowly turning into hostile climates for their kids. But a new study cast doubt on this — finding that support for BDS at UM is, in fact, “virtually nonexistent.”

  • bill smith

    BDS is an hate movement, plain and simple. Following some initial success, in 2016, all 9 out of a total of 9 BDS proposals at Canadian universities, failed.
    It’s not unlike the BLM movement which has nothing to do with the betterment of Black people, only exploiting negative sentiments.
    The typical BDS proponent in Canadian Universities would be a Muslim or lefty who are on their 9th year of an undergrad gender studies program.
    Sooner or later, people have come to realize the BDS helps nobody, according to the official BDS website, in Arabic, BDS is not an alternative to violent terrorism, but rather, a tool that can be used in addition to violent terrorism… in other words, terrorism for those who don;t want to get their hands dirty.
    Numerous connection can be made between BDS, and official terrorist organizations such as hamas and PFLP.
    And of course the naive ultra left suck it up like a sponge. BDS support can be found wherever there is support of marxism.
    Below is a basic map:

  • Bernie

    If Student support for the BDS movement is in decline, why are the Universities managing to support BDS movements? Who is controlling the Student Body?

    • bill smith

      Arab zealotry against Jews can be very strong…. in the general sense, these zealots promote their own strong agenda by co-opting with the agendas of other activist groups without any regard for the other agenda… over time, a few BDS activists can completely dominate other movements such as First Nations groups, feminist groups, gay groups, trade unions, etc….

      This is facilitated by those university administrations and professors who are also marxists.

      Please see the below…. this Simon Fraser University event was hosted by self-declared marxist professors and Arab BDS zealots. The event was supposed to be somewhat concerned with First Nations, but from start to finish, it was a full-on BDS promotion event.
      A former FN chief was made to sit on the floor… after 10 minutes of BDS propaganda, he got up and stormed out shouting that this event had nothing to do with FN….

    • Shebel

      The JEWS !

    • WildWelshWoman

      Don’t forget that many US universities are funded by Saudis. I’d say THAT’s who is controlling the student bodies.

  • Shebel

    Just for you Bernie.

  • Achmed

    At least the student fees go towards funding Muslim Brotherhood projects to support the goals of Mohammed (peace be upon him).

    • WildWelshWoman

      What would Mohammed know about peace?

  • Shebel

    OK. I took it the wrong way.
    Sorry Bernie.
    You want Blood?

  • Shebel

    ALL Israel will ever get from ME—