Sexuality Center Director: Majority of Transgender Children Outgrow Those Feelings

“There are 12 such studies in all, and they all came to the very same conclusion: the majority of kids cease to feel transgender when they get older,” he wrote.

  • ontario john

    This is obviously false news. The media, entertainment industry, politicians, and educational elites have already instructed us that everyone in North America is either homosexual, lesbian, or transgender. Obey your masters! OBEY!!

    • Transgender politics is child abuse and an epic failure all rolled into one.

      And the democrats are proud of it.

  • Hard Little Machine

    On the one hand we have college liberals who say children 2 and under aren’t sentient so they can be exterminated. On the other we have different liberals who say children as early as 4 can exercise moral agency over themselves to navigate the complex terrain of assigning oneself ‘gender. Must be one hell of a busy 24 months there.

    • ontario john

      Here in Simcoe County, the local paper owned by the Toronto Star is excited that the school board is making arrangements to allow children to change their gender on school records whenever they want. Yes, if your a kid here you can be a girl, boy, goat, tree, or whatever you want at school.

      • Hard Little Machine

        Bark Lives Matter.

  • bob e

    Don’t let this little girl learn to jump rope. first give her a blast
    of what she is supposed to be ..

  • Manual Paleologos

    Doesn’t surprise me a bit, particularly since transgender has become such a fad. Fads fade. Kids grow up.

    Now, I have a close TG friend who knew “something was wrong,” when she was a young child, but didn’t attempt to transition until she (then a he) completed a successful Navy tour in a sensitive position, and whose children were teenagers. Now she’s never been happier, but she paid her dues and didn’t jump into it early. Kids are malleable, and I fear that many hipster parents are forcing their kids into TG because it’s cool, and they want to signal their coolness.

  • ECM

    Gosh, just like w/ homosexuality! If only there were some medium through which others could be made aware of this information–we could even called it “media”, riffing on the word medium. It’s just too bad no such mechanism exists in this dark, benighted, age.