Racist professor Oscar Monge who claimed ‘whiteness is synonymous with evil’ is found guilty of discriminating against white student

Racist professor Oscar ‘Ozzie’ Monge

A Native American lecturer has been found to have discriminated against and harassed a white student at San Diego State University.

A six-month investigation by the California Department of Justice concluded that then-student Crystal Sudano was discriminated against based on race and faced racial harassment and retaliation after challenging the professor’s views.

Sudano reportedly filed four complaints against Native American and Chicano professor Oscar ‘Ozzie’ Monge accusing him of racial harassment and retaliation, and discrimination based on a disability and race, reported the university’s newspaper, The Daily Aztec.

The two had argued over the university’s Ascot mascot and Monge later declared that ‘”whiteness” is synonymous with evil’.

  • Oracle9

    All the SJWs are certainly doing all they can to ensure that a REAL white supremacist movement takes form. Just a matter of time I am sorry to say.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      I’m not sorry to say.
      We either do that, or face extinction.
      You skin color REALLY IS your uniform.

      • Oracle9

        Well to win you have to play their game better than them, but I for one do not think of the amount of melanin in the skin as a uniform.

        Does no one remember the message of MLK, no matter how idealistic? Our leaders certainly do not.

    • They truly are racists.

  • Tweety58

    Another whiny Indian.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The story in the school paper is hilarious. This nutjob was actually friendly with the student until he thought he saw her not supporting his efforts to get rid of the school mascot and then virtually everything she did, said or wore became to him a racist symbol. And the thing is that he personally attacked her outside of class and threatened to lower her grade. But ultimately did not lower her grade. Then the student complained he engineered a smear campaign against her. She then attempted to get a ‘constructive withdrawal’ which is a dropped class with no fault, like you never took it. The school refused, the crazy prof gave her an incomplete and then the school threw HIM under the bus.

    You can’t make this shit up.

  • UCSPanther

    I wonder how this clown would feel about the Metis and other people who are white, but have various mixtures of various Native North American peoples in their backgrounds.

    Would probably spit on them for being “half-breeds” I wager…

    • BillyHW

      For that and also for the fact they only ever use part of the buffalo.

  • I’ve seen this kind of @$$hole behaviour from people like this. It’s good when they get their comeuppance.

  • John

    And remember the asshole *professor* who said that ‘all he wanted for Christmas was white genocide’?

    closely related…


  • TenMegaton

    Back to the rez, blanketass.