MALCOLM: Joshua Boyle claims Taliban-linked captors tried to recruit him

Joshua Boyle was offered a position within the Taliban-linked network that held him and his family for five years and at one point rebelled against and planned to kill his captors, he claims.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile the Toronto Star is excited that a muslim group, has asked little Justin to make Jan. 29th an annual day of remembrance and Islamophobia in regards to the mosque killing in Quebec.

    • I’m sure Justin will.

      • Gary

        But remember…..Boyle is among all the muslims that are ALLEGED to have done this because he’s innocent before proven guilty in the Courts.
        The mosque shooter was declare Guilty just one day after the allegation when the CBC and Justin called him a terrorists and had the Trial By Media where Muslims joined in and yet it hasn’t even gone to trial yet.

        This speaks volumes about islams justice system and what it will be like in canada once they take over and use sharia.
        Imam Steve Rockwell said that when muslims have the power the quran orders them to claim a nation for islam and the Caliphate.
        He’s telling us what the muslims are going to do one day and yet Liberals just keep bring them in as if only the peaceful ones come here.

        • Well, Islamists are never truly guilty of anything. Its usually drugs or mental illness or Trump or Israel.

          • Gary

            It’s the Liberals soft- bigotry of Lowered expectation for muslims. That’s why John Tory and Wynne allow the Dawah booth near City Hall to hand out books to coach muslims men on how to Beat their wife properly .

          • Bingo.

  • Alain

    Sure, and pigs can fly.

  • richard

    The more Boyle talks, the stupider Trudeau looks. If that is possible

    • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

      Converts are good at that.
      They always go that extra mile trying to prove how dedicated they are to the cause. It’s the reason why the Jihadists in the middle east put them on the front lines as cannon fodder and suicide bombers. Useful idiots.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    CBC retard goes on about protecting the identity of the victim and then identifies the wife as being one of the victims.

  • Spatchcocked

    It’s not his fault … the talking head explains its post traumatic stress that’s affecting him…..he’s actually a victim see….

    Juthtine understands this….Juthtine understands you grow from the heart out.

    • Liberal Progressive

      Probably the only cure that might work for his PTSD is if Justin provides him with $10 million for his ordeal because the Canadian government didn’t do enough in his family’s opinion to get him back quicker.

  • I’m sure the Taliban had to lay on the charm for Boyle.

  • Gary

    Usually when there is a ban on the actually details for the charges , it’s because children are the victims and they don’t want their names in the press because of the Laws to protect children .

    It’s official that the ASAY ( aboriginal Students Assoc of York U ) have drank the islamophobia kool ade and are aligned with the jew-hating pro-hamas MSA
    on Campus.
    Their FB site just banned me for point out that the Residential School crisis was under a Liberal PM . They claim they reject any homophobia and islamophobia or any hate but I asked them why they are silent over islamic sanction homophobia and how history shows what islam does to the Native of every nation it invades.
    I made it clear that my background is Native American from the Border area by the St.Lawrence river and that I still have the survival Gene to force people to earn my trust by examples.
    The islamofascists have gotten to them as well as the Gheystapo/homofascists Student groups. They are poisoned to hate the Western White men but are too stupid to see that the Olive/Brown man are the new invaders but have a Holy book wanting the dead .
    Lebanon is the most recent case for 1 of 6 Christians based societies where islam wiped out or took over as the majority while Sweden is a Real-Time case turning into a Caliphate . Islamofascists love the native Apartheid because it’s much like the jews where the enemy is in clusters and easy to slaughter or contain.

    These Aboriginals are the neo quislings on Campus and I bet the MSA gets a laugh at them doing their dances for the white man and the FREE Education for the Jobs that aren’t there.
    I pointed out before that my father’s people don’t have full native status in canada because these native -Supremacy groups that have the ear of the feds
    don’t not recognize the US division of the Tribe that crossed in canada around 1800 for safety after the US Independence in 1787 ( Official once all 13 colonies signed on ) .
    To hell with being in that area about 6000 years…..these fascists also migrated North after the Ice-age and aren’t really Natives to canada . That’s why the pulled a fast one and called them self 1st Nations people .

    **** How sad that they still dance for the White man and can be bought . These are the same Liberals that screwed them over and it’s much like the person that Marries their abuser after years of the brain damage accept that it better to get beaten once a week and never see then again .
    The Battered Native syndrome that meets the Battered Voter syndrome and Battered Muslim syndrome to keep voting Liberals and embrace oppression .

  • A Hamilton Guy


  • Don Pelayo

    As a Muslim, he was a Taliban while he was with them. Boyle is a traitor!