How about setting aside January 29th to remember all those murdered by the Killing Machine known as the Religion of Peace?

Muslim group asks for Jan. 29 day of remembrance for 2017 mosque shooting

  • Alain

    Grand idea to declare it a national day of remembrance for victims of Islam.

  • Ibn Warraq was right and he needs to be repeated again and again. Little people like Islamists excel in nothing but violence and self-pity. This is one such example.

    • It is a sick cult.

    • Alain

      Not to disagree with the description, but this is more than playing the victim card. It is yet another tactic of the supremacists to lord it over the infidels.

      • It is but it’s how they lord things over people.

        They have no superior intellect, reasoning or military might.

        Consider when the Israelis kick Palestinian butts. What is eh first thing that they do? Cry uncle. They can do no less because they have nothing else to go on.

  • dukestreet

    Please remember that these people could well have been,or are l, the ones who dance(d) in the streets or wherever and hand(ed) out candy when a terror attack is(was) successful. But they want a special day to honour their victims, the first time someone does it to them.

    We should have a special rememberance day every month in honour of the victims of terror. Say the 3rd Friday or something similar. Mind you, I wonder if it should include all the Muslim victims as well? Hard for say as some Muslims would consider them martyrs.

    • I think we should have a day to curse Islam every week.

      • Maurice Miner

        Yes, I agree – I tend to curse Islam and all of its proponents on any day that ends with “Y”.

        But that’s just me, and I’m a proud “racist”.

      • dukestreet

        Yeah. Agreed. We need to remind those who absorb MSM nonsense, of the fact that the MSM just tells what will be approved by their government bosses.

    • Clausewitz

      Make it a joint party with the Bikers in Port Dover come every Friday the 13th.

  • barryjr

    The cult of perpetual victimhood will get their day, I have faith in Shithead Happysocks.

    • You have a point.

    • occupant 9

      They will get their way and flags will fly at half staff and the national anthem will be sung in Arabic … with a few critical, sensitive and Sharia-compliant lyric modifications the kafir will never hear the true meaning of.

    • Gary

      When you’re known for a faith that beheads people and straps bombs to their children as suicide-bombers…..our Leaders give them what they want and even keep up their Charade that islam is a religion of peace .

      John Tory couldn’t keep up his lie about how safe Toronto is with the 300,000+ illegals and Justin’s flood of muslim refugees because he just installed the cement barriers around City Hall to block muslims trying to ram a crowd with a car or truck.
      In inside CUPE members once loved the refugees and illegals but now demanded a Mental Detector at the entrance and bullet proof glass at the Check point.
      Since 1834 we never needed this security and we can’t say which new group in Canada has caused this . The Mayor of London told the Brits that terrorism is part of living in a big City among muslims.
      Tory doesn’t have the guts to admit he surrendered to islam and this is the new Norm .

  • Linda1000
  • vimy

    I don’t have a problem celebrating every January 29th with a day off to boot.

  • Gary

    I predicted this because the islamofascists want sharia law in canada and the Sharia Blasphemy Laws to silence those opposing the grand Jihad.
    It was just 1 day after the shooting when Justin and the CBC had the alleged shooter guilty and were calling him a terrorists. On the second day the Imam announced that he was giving a tour on Wednesday for the media to see the blood stains and bullet holes.
    This was to incite hatred for canada in the youth as to recruit more Jihadists because I was watching a TV debate show from Australia where a muslim cited this shooting and blamed Trump for the uislamophobia .
    The case hasn’t gone to Trial yet but take note at how the 2 ISIS supporting muslims in 2014 the went Jihad and killed 2 Canadians while one stormed Parliament …..Justin said it was mental illness while muslims said that the killer was innocent until proven guilty.

  • LairdKintyre

    I would stake a months pay, double or nothing that our esteemed elitist Dear Leader will enshrine 29 Jan as a anti Islamophobia Day.

  • Oracle9

    This whole case was hidden by a cloak of secrecy except for the initial instant conclusions as Gary describes below. It stinks of a coverup.

  • dukestreet

    Maybe we should be protesting this and demanding the day in Remembrance of the victims of Islam instead. We don’t want colorssocks going for the Islamic reward option.