HASSAN: Iranian protesters are shunning the hijab – let’s join them

The recent Iranian protests are about a whole array of issues, including the hijab, the head covering which Iranian women have been forced to wear for decades.

Some dismiss the debate on hijab, suggesting it is a lot of fuss about a mere piece of cloth. They are being evasive.

The hijab is now established as a political tool used by Islamists to restrict freedom for women. They are generally deprived of equality under the law because the hijab is usually accompanied by other oppressive prescriptions for women. It means women cannot make their own decisions.

  • Ed

    Western feminists are looking more ridiculous by the hour.

    • Clink9

      Including their favorite Prime Minister.

      • Gary

        Linda Sarsour and Obama claim that the Hijab empowers women .

        Did Linda tell the media she was flying to Iran to educate those islamophobic women removing the hijabs.

        • Alain

          Just as FGM empowers women I suppose.

    • Leave them in Iran. They must like it there.

  • Tooth&Claw

    A woman wearing hijab tells me:
    She sees me as lesser than herself and possibly less than human.
    She sees other women as lacking in piety and virtue.
    She sees herself as less than men.
    She sees men as predators.
    She believes men are not in control of their own impulses.
    That she believes in the teachings of a criminal liar, thief, mass murdering, rapist, slaver and pedophile.
    By telling me all this she tells me I cannot trust her, and that she would prefer to see me as a dead kafr.

    • Blind Druid

      I like to make hard eye contact, then give them that pitying shake of the head, like I’m looking at a dog turd dressed up as an Oh Henry candy bar..

  • Alain

    Imposing the hijab in Muslim countries I shall leave for all those feminists, but when it comes to Canada I do not want to see them here. They have no place whatsoever here and should be illegal.

    • Linda1000

      Let’s tell our women of power politicians that they should not be covering their heads to gain votes. They all do it and what kind of message does that send to young muslim and non-muslim women in Canada? (Wynne, Notley, C. Clark)

  • UCSPanther

    It would be a strange irony to have the mandatory hijab, burqa and niqab disappear in the Middle East, only to appear in Western Europe…

  • Shebel

    I kinda like being able to ID–
    These Muslim Bitches.

  • Linda1000