FUREY: Security review required after Boyle’s visit with the PM, say experts

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s meeting with Joshua Boyle presents serious security questions and needs to be reviewed, experts have told the Sun.

The initial news that the Boyle family, newly returned from captivity in Afghanistan, had met with Trudeau in December raised red flags with the intelligence community and general public given lingering questions about Joshua Boyle’s motivations for travelling to Afghanistan with a pregnant wife, as well as his former marriage to Omar Khadr’s sister.

  • Liberal Progressive

    These so-called security experts don’t know what they are talking about.

    If they did they would have first answered the question of whose security are we in the Liberal Party are really worried about!

    • Well from that perspective it makes perfect sense.

      • A liberal intellectual pimple has crowded out Trudeau’s brain.

        Don’t say anything. Or you are a racist.

  • Clink9

    There is something seriously wrong with that idiot Turdeau’s head.

    And even more sickness among the idiots that would vote for him.

    • He is a child, an immature child, he is not a Prime Minister merely a figurehead for the backroom boys running the show.

      • UCSPanther

        And those backroom boys are just as clueless as the PM…

  • robins111

    This whole thing is simply Justy going for a virtue signalling photo-op with the added benefit of rubbing the muzzy connection in Canada’s face.

    Its the equivalent of a 15 year old doing all they can to piss off a parent.

    • I agree, Justin likes to shit on Canadians who have him figured out as the dumbass he is.

  • Spatchcocked

    No comment privacy concerns says Cameron AHMAD who is head of media relations for the PMO…..hmmmmmm.

    Gee…..so many Muslims in and around government these days. Anyone else notice this or am I being a silly ?

  • Linda1000

    Frankly, I don’t give a shit about Justine’s security. If the next jihadi terrorist or other crime figure he invites to his office shoves a firecracker up his ass that’s fine by me.

  • Dana Garcia

    Boyle certainly would be a jihad hero is he managed to off the Canadian PM, despite the fact that Justin is more friend than enemy to the hostile Islam cause.

  • What good would security forces do? Justin doesn’t care.

  • robins111

    It’ll be interesting to see if that scabby bastard weasels out of these charges, due to cultural reasons… If he’s successful it’ll open all kinds of possibilities, such a convert redneck, flailing the piss out of another religious person, then claiming they self identify as a Ismaili, Jedi, the possibilities are endless