Chinese rapper accused of sexism blames ‘black music’

It’s bad enough I have to digest the “reality” of a Chinese rapper at 7am let alone wonder that anyone could find Rap music misogynistic or promoting drug use and murder and racism and stuff.

BEIJING (AFP) – After drawing public criticism for lyrics deemed sexist and promoting drug use, one of China’s best-known rappers has dug an even deeper hole by blaming the influence of “black music”.

PG One came under fire after official media on Thursday highlighted lyrics from the 24-year-old rapper’s 2015 song “Christmas Eve”, in which he uses obscene language to boast about forcing himself on a woman.

He also raps of “sleeping in the day, shouting at night, pure white powder walking on the board.”

The China Women’s News, which is published by the All-China Women’s Association, posted an opinion piece on social media Thursday accusing PG One of “instigating drug use among youths and publicly insulting women.”