Turkey: Child marriage religious document sparks anger

Turkey’s main opposition party has called for a parliamentary inquiry after the directorate of religious affairs said that, under Islamic law, girls as young as nine could marry.

The comments by the Diyanet prompted an outpouring of anger on social media from Turkish women’s groups.

The directorate insisted it was only defining points of Islamic law.

  • Blacksmith

    BULLSHIT! They are prepping the way for the return of their caliphate and the full implementation of pisslam, turning women into slaves.

    • k2

      Women (and non-islamist in general, for that matter) had a certain amount of freedom and rights in that formerly (sort of) secular nation … until Erdogan came along. To see them being systematically stripped away must be very painful.

  • Yes, Islamic law is quite clear on this matter.

    • Observer

      I though Mohammad “married” Aisha at 6 years-old? Wouldn’t a 9 year-old be an old maid in his books?

      • Watchman

        Aisha: married at age 6, deflowered at age 9.

        Most embarrassed muslims attempt to explain this raw fact away by: 1) claiming that nobody really knows how old Aisha was, including Aisha herself. 2) Claiming their calculations indicate that Aisha was at least 18 contrary to a direct statement by Aisha of her age in a strong Hadith. 3) that the way that years were calculated in that time meant that Aisha was wrong in actual years and she was much older than 9 years old. 4) Aisha started puberty at the age she was deflowered by Muhammad which made her a woman. 5) Girls in other cultures were married at an early age of 12 or so, so that makes it OK.

        Most Muslims are not embarrassed, and so don’t even try too justify a man in his fifties having intercourse with a nine year old girl. Since this Muslim prophet was the perfect man and his example should be emulated by all true Muslims, then married at 6 and deflowered at 9 is now a standard and cannot be reasoned or argued away.

      • Clearly over the hill.

  • simus1

    The erdoganites aren’t up for debates about the koran.
    Blinding and castrating the first few dozen who opted for 9 year old wives would be about the only way to ensure the objections to their perversions were taken seriously by the more fervent feral muslims.

  • Editor

    Wait, I’m confused. Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Canadian imam Syed Soharwardy and Linda Sarsour say islam “is the most feminist religion”. I mean, they must speak for all of islam, they’re on TV ad nauseam. So feminism is cool with marrying 9 year olds?