‘Sounds more like North Korea’: Anti-censorship Toronto subway art delayed over hate speech fears

Two artists behind a controversial art installation commissioned for a newly opened subway station in Toronto say the city’s refusal to greenlight the project has ironically achieved what the art was meant to do — spark a debate about free speech.

  • ontario john

    Here in Sunny Ways Canada, only acceptable view points are allowed in public. We peasants know our place, and the media, political elites, and educational establishment have an obligation to control the racist and Islamophobic bastards that are a burden to our controlled environment. Please limit your conversations in public to how wonderful socialism is, and how wonderful Justin is.

  • tom_billesley

    You’re only allowed eight characters, but it’s enough for “F–k TTC”.

  • Literally Hitler

    Found “Programmable LED Digital Scrolling Tag” for $16.57. Next day shipping from China. Not limited to eight characters like the TTC boondoggle so you can actually display $500,000 WTF?

    • shasta

      “to be frank, the art was not on anybody’s radar” – Half a million of taxpayer money – just coffee break money. And please stop calling this crap “art”.

  • canminuteman

    In a “diverse multicultural society” everything is going to offend someone, so we have to do without nice things (assuming you consider 21st century public art “nice things”) but just think how much stronger we are as a result!!

  • passerby1969

    I side with the TTC on this one, although they are incompetent in just getting to this issue now. Subways can not interfere with free speech, as in the case of Pamela Gellar wanting to pay for ads. However, the TTC is not obligated to provide a free electronic system for customers to speak. I think a lot of gibberish will be avoided.

    • shasta

      B B But its art! And only cost taxpayers half a million!

    • bargogx1

      I have to agree, but not because of their concerns about “hate speech”. I just think it will end up being a steady stream of obscenities. Speaking for myself, I know I probably shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near anything like that after suffering through a subway delay.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Strangely enough the art looks like snowflakes