Revelations from an intelligence expert who met #boyle before his “hike”

My theory- Justin Trudeau saw this meeting with Boyle as just another way to insult Canadians, it’s an established pattern. Justin is a narcissistic sociopath, the laws do not apply to him, witness his dealings with the Mohammedan con man the Aga Khan. Justin makes every effort to call us Islamophobic for daring to question Muslim immigration as he trumpets a one way version of “diversity” that means the destruction of our society and its heritage and values. The Morneau scandal speaks volumes of his arrogant sense of entitlement and his latest “Christmas attire” photo revelation tells us everything we need know of his contempt for Christianity. His meeting with Boyle was just the latest effort to slap Canadians in the face for not being on board with his globalist friends in their effort to remake Canada into an impoverished 3rd world state.