It is now illegal to pay men more than women in Iceland

Under the new legislation, companies that employ more than 25 people will have to obtain a government certificate to demonstrate they adhere to pay equality.

I bet the certificate costs a pretty penny – either way, the government wins. 

  • Ed

    The winters are long and cold, and if you wanna get laid…

    • I wonder when it will illegal for more men than women to work in dangerous jobs?

      Dieing on the job should be an equal right!

      • Solo712

        Let’s just say, that the girls will pick and choose as they have always done. As someone remarked, spokesman is now a spokeswoman, but a garbage man will always be a garbage man.

  • canminuteman

    I can see a day when we go back to the old ways. If you cut a tree you got paid for it. If you mined a ton of coal, you got paid for it. If you caught a fish, you got paid for it. People used to get paid for what they did, not how long they hung around the office.

    • BillyHW

      Women want to get paid for eating cake and crying on the job.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why not simply pay everyone the same amount for EVERY job universally? There is one salary, one income for scientist, surgeon, hairdresser, dog catcher and so forth.

    • Ed

      And politicians can’t earn more than the lowest paid job

      • Hard Little Machine

        I was lead to believe that all Icelandic politicians were volunteers or they donated 100% of their income to the feminist volcano goddess or something.

        • bob e

          I thought so too..

    • bob e

      don’t forget the cannibals ..

    • HalcyonDaze

      didn’t they try that Iron Rice Bowl program in the Soviet Union and it was called a great success?

  • BillyHW

    Ladies, when are you going to stop undermining your fathers, husbands, brothers and sons?

  • Solo712

    So let’s see how “employment equity” really works. Canada’s public service has a similar high-minded rule as Iceland now enacted. But the reality is that after ten years, women are taking over public service jobs in Canada:
    Fact Sheet: Compensation of Women and Men in the Public Service
    Women now represent about 55% of the overall federal public service. In addition, in the last ten years, women have accessed more top jobs in the public service. Indeed, the share of women among high earners (e.g., annual base salary greater than $100,000 for those working on a full-time, full-year basis) in the public service increased from 33% in 2006-2007 to 43% in 2016-2017. Moreover, the representation of women in a number of professional groups, with higher average salaries, is on the rise:

    47% of senior and executive ranks, compared to 39% in 2006-2007
    57% of the economics and social science groups, compared to 54% in 2006-2007 (including the ES and SI groups)
    57% of the biological sciences groups, compared to 47% in 2006-2007
    58% of the law groups compared to 52% in 2006-2007
    48% of the commerce officer groups, compared to 42% in 2006-2007.

    The overall wage gap between men and women in the public service, calculated as the difference between the average hourly wage of all men and all women regardless of group or level, has decreased from 12.6% in 2006-2007 to 8.8% in 2016-2017. Today, women in the federal public service earn an average wage or salary of $70,259 ($35.91/hour), about 91% of the $77,042 ($39.38/hour) that men earn (fiscal 2016-2017). For men and women under 35, this gap narrows to 2.7%, due in part to the greater similarities in characteristics that impact wages for this younger population.

    What the above statistics do not show (as they did a few years back) is that among the top echelon public service women now make (or made in 2014 when the figures were available) about 15% more than men in the same positions. The infamous “gender wage gap” has now become a statistical swindle obtained by counting salaries in the aggregate because women prevail in 4:1 to 5:1 ratio in the low-paid temporary, part-time and clerical jobs. Formerly the “gender gap” referred to compensation for the same work (or work deemed to be the “same value”).

    Now there is another hugely interesting statistic in the employment “equity” in Public Service in Canada. Women make about 55% of the public service and some 31.6% are visible minorities and people with disabilities. If we assume a 50-50 gender split among people with disabilities (5.7%), the representation of non-indigenous, non visible-minority males in Canada’s public service is currently about 17%. Interesting, no? Because, you see the visible minorities in Canada account for for 22% of population. Add people with disabilities (and at least completed high school – which would qualify them for a gov. job), are about 11%. So if the employment figures were fair and equitable to able-bodied non visible-minority males, they would have to represent ~ (100% – 22% – 11%) / 2 or 33.5% of the public service of Canada, or about twice as much as they are allowed now!

    So let’s just say the whole employment equity mumbo jumbo is a scheme whose first and self-evident goal is to deprive as many white men of employment as possible.

  • Clausewitz

    So will there be a corresponding law making it illegal for women to work at the same job, but not the responsibilities? Back in the day when I worked for the parks department for a summer job, the women always were riding the grass mowers while all the guys did the grunt work with the hand help apparatus. They’d yell equal pay for equal work, and we yell back equal work for equal pay.

  • DMB
  • Clausewitz

    Does this mean they’ll start paying the men in the porn industry the same as the women? Not looking for a new gig in my retirement, just asking for a friend.