Islam in the Public Square

Secularists like to advise Christians that, for the sake of social harmony, they ought to keep their religion to themselves. Religion, they argue, is a private affair between an individual and his designated deity, and ought not to be dragged into the public square. Moreover, they helpfully add, it’s an imposition on others to confront them with beliefs that they may find offensive.

As for themselves, secularists have no qualms about imposing their own values on everyone within reach. They are convinced of the rightness of their beliefs, and consequently they don’t think twice about forcing Christian bakers, florists, and photographers to endorse gay weddings. They are also convinced that they know what’s best for your children. And what’s best for them, they are quite certain, is that they learn all the latest fashions in gender identity and marriage equality.

  • This is all about showing the public at large who plans on being boss.

  • tom_billesley

    Secularists demand the right to make concessions to islam.

    • shasta

      They hardly have a monopoly on that front. In fact i could argue that various Christian groups have been much more active on the “making concessions” file.

  • simus1

    The totalitarians intention is to use the club of islam to smash real Judeo Christian morality and drive it far underground in the first instance. When it comes to their final plans for clearing away the underbrush and tidying things up via genocide as always, it would not be surprising to discover a substantial number of their erstwhile “friends in islam” might not make the cut.