Is Hezbollah Eating the Iranian People’s Bread?

In the holy city of Qom in Iran, on December 30, 2017, anti-regime demonstrators shouted “Death to Hezbollah”, “Aren’t you ashamed Khamenei? Get out of Syria and take care of us”, and “Not Gaza, or Lebanon”.

In an Islamic country, whose official slogan is “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”, to see Iranian people shouting “Death to Hezbollah” is totally surreal.

By wishing “Death to Hezbollah”, Iranians demonstrators were not only protesting a “rise of the price of eggs” as the Ayatollahs’ propaganda machine tried to claim. The demonstrators were demanding that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spend Iranian money for Iranian people — and only for Iranian people.

  • deplorabledave
    • Linda1000

      Wow, the river flowing through Isfahan has dried up? I remember standing on a foot bridge looking down at that river in 1998 and it was quite wide (like the Bow River in Calgary) and flowing very fast.
      Iran should start investing in desalinization plants like the other Gulf states currently use instead of their nuke program.

      • Watchman

        Their nukes are still useful if they wanted to bring their own population down to sustainable agrarian self-sufficient levels, and it doesn’t even have to involve any other country nor those countries’ nukes.

        • Linda1000

          Think those Iranian nukes are meant for Israel and taking over the Sunni Gulf states. According to Spengler the population is reducing rapidly all by itself due to declining birth rate, STDs, drug use, poverty, aging.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Doubt Iran will roll over like the rest of the mid east countries that were on the original “list of 7” countries to topple.
    Another ‘Arab Spring’ scenario…as used in Ukraine as well…bound to be interpreted as a direct assault from S.A., the “Great Satan” and Israel.
    Tick tock…

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile little Justin’s office has stated that it will continue to move forward on renewing ties with Iran.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Renewing? Isn’t his brother involved with the Iranians?

      • ontario john

        His brother is a commie who adores Castro and his fascist regime. In any other country the Trudeau family would be under investigation.

  • For Iranians to be shouting “Death to Hezbollah” clearly exposes this as a Sunni uprising…

    Hezbollah is the Shiite terrorist organization…

    The Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, ISIS are all Sunni terrorist organizations…

  • Hard Little Machine

    I for one am sick of the trope where we pretend to like the Iranian people but hate the regime. The people have had 40 years to do anything about the regime and even if we eliminate the first decade of war with Iraq, they’ve had a whole generation of largely peace and prosperity to do something, anything. But they haven’t and the odds are they never will. Why?

    Because Iran isn’t Maoist China or North Korea or the CCCP. It’s an authoritarian state but no more so that dozens of others. The reality is there is a thriving middle class. A middle class that reached a quiet agreement with the regime that if they shut up and sit down then the regime will allow them all sorts of western freedoms, goods and services and privileges indoors out of sight. They can have their technically illegal satellite dishes. They can procure alcohol if they keep it out of sight. They can yank off their hijabs away from the scrutiny of the IRGC. Don’t raise your voices, don’t protest, don’t make political demands and they’ll be left alone.

    What they’re protesting is largely what they perceive to be an abrogation of that deal. The luxury goods, the media, the cocktails have dried up. The middle class is angry that they’re being expected to BE Iranian now. But they’re not going to topple the government. They’re not going to liquidate the Islamic Revolution. They want their stuff back and as soon as they do they’l go home.

    Make no mistake this isn’t a revolution. This is Ferguson Iranian style.