Iran Sends More to the Gallows

At the end of December 2017, something almost without precedent happened in cities across Iran. It started in the largest shrine city of Mashhad, then moved to Kermanshah, which had not long before suffered a major earthquake in which some 600 people died and where survivors had been neglected by the state. After that, large-scale protests moved to Sari and Rasht in the north, the clerical city of Qom, then Hamadan, and by the December 29, Tehran itself. In the following days, people were on the streets across the country. Starting on the third day, protesters were challenged by massive turnouts of pro-regime marchers. Anti-government protests, which these were, had not been seen in this quantity since the brutally-crushed risings after the 2009 presidential elections. By January 2, at least 20 protesters had been killed and more than 450 arrested. It was reported on the same day that Iran’s Chief Justice, Mousa Ghazanfarabadi, claimed that protesters might be considered “enemies of God”, and executed.

  • Gary

    I’m still waiting for Justin’s 2 Iran born shia muslim MP’s to denounce this . Maryam Monsef claimed she was a refugee that fled to Canada but she has freely vacationed in Iran since being in Canada on top of her Citizenship fraud to say she was from Afghanistan .
    In fact… when Justin walked in the PRIDE parade for his Photo OP I did some digging and tricked one of the muslim MP’s with him to boast that they were with other Muslim MP’s which proved the about 50% of the Muslim MP’s didn’t join Justin.
    Since the CBC also boasted how Justin was the 1st PM in PRIDE ……it proved that Paul martin and Chretien were homophobes for NOT going in PRIDE but somehow Rob Ford was the homophobe as the Mayor.

    The respect and equality for gays in the quran means that they get hanged on the same day with the same type of rope as they other gays.

    • According to them, this mad theocratic state is a democratically elected one.

      • Watchman

        For the same reason there are no gays in Iran, some groups have unusually high death rates.

    • Watchman

      Turdeau: First in Pride, First In Ego, All undeserved.

  • christianblood

    Saudi Arabia and its Wahhabi/Takfiri jihadist ideology which is the global source of islamic jihadist violence is far more dangerous than Iran and yet the West considers Saudi Arabia as allies and ignores its barbaric weekly public beheadings and its extreme religious discrimination. What a doublicity!

  • Hard Little Machine

    I wonder when they start hanging Jews again?

    • Watchman

      None left in Iran to hang, which is why they support Hezbollah as a proxy that does have access to a country of Jews.