Cultural Liberalism’s Business Model Has Begun to Fall Apart

By now, practically every obituary for 2017 that can be written within the confines of conventional wisdom has been filed and placed in the ever-expanding library of hot takes. And as usual, most of those hot takes have to do with Donald Trump.

We are told, for example, that 2017 was a year where Trump ultimately triumphed, a year where he miserably failed, a year where he did both at once (?!!!) a year where he missed too many opportunities, and a year where he fulfilled many of his core campaign promises. And conversely, the fate of Trump’s political rivals, both Right and Left, has been debated endlessly. Those debates are worth having, even if by this point they’ve been done to death.

However, in all this discussion, a key question seems to have been overlooked, and that is the question of money. Who ends 2017 with their pockets flush, and who ends it pulling out their pockets looking for loose change? In this respect, I think the answer is obvious: 2017 is the year cultural liberalism – and its bastions in the United States – began to show noticeable financial strain: strain that will likely only get worse in the coming year.