Bosnia Charges 25 Muslim Wartime Officers, Four Bosnian Serbs With War Crimes

Bosnian authorities have charged 25 Muslim wartime officials and four Bosnian Serb officers with committing war crimes against civilians and prisoners of war in the country’s bloody 1990s conflict.

Prosecutors in Sarajevo said on December 29 that 11 former Muslim members of the Bosnian Army were charged with taking part in an attack against the Serb village of Cemerno in the region of Ilijas, north of Sarajevo, in which 30 people were killed.

In another case, 14 former Muslim police and military officials were indicted for war crimes allegedly committed against dozens of Serbs in the southern region of Konjic, the Sarajevo state prosecutor’s office said.

  • irishrus

    On the bloody conflict, I was critical of Major Mackenzie in his summations that the world wasn’t getting the whole story at the time.

    Not that I was anybody, or am anybody now and never on Major Mackenzie’s radar I’m sure but I felt bad that I was suckered in by the liberal MSM at the time and new very little of what Muslims were up to at the time…. and should have went with ‘the guy on the ground’

    My first hint should have been Clinton’s (who I always knew was an asshole) enthusiasm on this one

  • robins111

    This nonsense started because of the predictable bullshit the muzzies started in Kosovo. We got dragged in to once again protect said muzzies from the wrath of the Serbs.

    • Solo712

      Kosovo was a 1998-1999 war, Bosnia 1992-1995. Get your timeline straight.

  • bob e

    Blueprint for the Europe to come..