BONOKOSKI: The curious case of Joshua Boyle and Justin Trudeau


The majority of mainstream media seemed intent upon bending over backwards to initially avoid mentioning Justin Trudeau in the same story in which Afghanistan detainee Joshua Boyle was arrested and jailed in Ottawa over the New Year’s on 15 serious criminal changes.

What were they possibly thinking? That it was up to them to spare the prime minister another embarrassment?

  • Watchman

    With Joshua Boyle’s arrest, it prevents Turdeau completing his first hand training on how to assault, including sexually assault, forcibly confine, and utter death threats from a devout and committed member of the Religion of Peace.

  • Shebel

    I am pretty sure that in Justin’s EYES—-
    OUR war Veterans are TRAITORS.

    • taxpayer

      According to the CBC, our troops in A-Stan seemed to be WAR CRIMINALS in their eyes. Opinions may vary, especially the troops, but no one seemed to ask them about it.

  • Gary

    Don’t forget that his ex-wife is Zaynab Khadr that wished the male in her family would die as Martyr’s for allah in canada. She hates Canada because of the homosexual’s that offend allah on top of her Imam Aly Hindy that said he coaches young muslims to stay in Canada and do Jihad to claim ti for islam and the Caliphate.

    Many people still remember that it was Jean Chretien that bailed out the Khadr’s Father from a Pakistani Military jail who then went back to jihad and die fighting but got his Son injured. That’s when Paul Martin welcomed back Zaynab, the mother and the son in a wheelchair to get our Welfare and his FREE Health care .
    But my big question for the CRA and CBC is how on Earth could the one Son that said he agreed to be a mole for the CIA , during a CBC special , and got $60,000.00 a year as a Canadian outside the canada….. but never filed a tax return as earn-income just like our Musician or Actor must do even if it’s juts declared income.
    The CBC heard him finally admit he had worked for the CIA at 60K and yet nobody questioned how he recorded that money and that the CBC could view his Income tax return to prove what he said.

    • Shebel

      You are NOT allowed to ask logical questions.
      THIS is the New CANADA.

  • It isn’t simply bad optics. It’s a clear pattern of behaviour on Trudeau’s part.

    He is pro-Islamist and so will the voters be come 2019.

    • Linda1000

      By now it should be obvious that Justine just doesn’t give a sh*T about Cdns or what they might think of him. The little dictator is above everyone else in his mind and he will do as he pleases without being accountable for anything.

    • ECM

      Looks like Trump will be able to run on building a wall–across the northern border.

      • Would that do any good?

        • ECM

          Heh, probably not, but it would make me feel good on my regular visits to Toronto to drink in the salty, Labour-infused, tears.

  • Linda1000

    Retired Cons MP Diane Ablonczy Calgary-Nose Hill has commented that it would be normal for security officials to meet with Boyle upon his teturn to Canada but not the PM or his office.

  • Shebel

    Cause I know that I am the BEST.

    So— when your KIDS decide to pick a Religion—–

    They know how to be SUPREME.

  • ECM

    That it was up to them to spare the prime minister another embarrassment?

    “Listen, we only have so many hours a day alloted to covering his embarrassments without having to delete the weather and hockey, so cut us some slack.”

    (Is what they would have said if the Canadian media wasn’t as sycophantic towards the left as American media.)