Muslim undertaker makes bizarre video rant next to a body – warning Muslims will end up dead if they drink, have sex or accept a party invite from non-believers

An Islamic undertaker from western Sydney has made a bizarre video warning Muslims about the evils of celebrating New Year’s Eve – as he wheeled a dead body into a fridge.

Ahmad Hraichie spent the last day of 2017 ranting against Muslims who disobeyed their faith by drinking alcohol or having sex outside of marriage.

‘This is where we are all going to spend to spend our New Year’s party if we die on New Year’s Eve – in a fridge, in a fridge where the brothers and sisters have now have probably got their drinks all in the fridges and their snacks,’ he said.

  • Yo Mama

    Wuz so bizarr bout dat? Aren’t dey all undertakers at heart?

  • Gary

    I want them to set up a Booth at all the Airports and tell the muslims that deplane to go back because it’s an islamophobic nation that’s dangerous plus rape and pedophilia is illegal .

  • simus1

    I know that guy. His uncle-dad and his cousins run a kebab joint down in ………………..

  • deplorabledave

    There’s nothing that muslims do that isn’t bizarre.

  • Hard Little Machine

    He’s the Muslim Chuck Testa

  • Ed

    How much you wanna bet he’s having sex with the corpses?

    • simus1

      Have some respect.
      Only his close relatives that he, er, was “close to” when they were alive.

  • Exile1981

    Its a thinly veiled threat to his fellow muslims. He is saying that they will be murdered by the more devoit ones if the associate with infidels.

  • Editor

    Muslim undertaker. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it. I wonder if he got his credentials in a training program or just through life experience and some freelance gigs.

  • UCSPanther

    It would be funny if that corpse reanimated and started coming after him as a zombie…

  • ntt1

    I just got a three day ban on fascist book for using the term “filthy muslim” in regard to the rotherham muslim rape gangs. so be aware muslims are indeed a protected species for progressives.

  • Bernie

    I hope this Muslim undertaker has tremendous increase in his business!

  • db

    See? This what happens when you repeatedly bang your head on the ground. Look at that zebiba!