GUNTER: What the Dawson report reveals about Trudeau’s mentality

The report by outgoing ethics commissioner Mary Dawson into Justin Trudeau’s vacation last Christmas on the Aga Khan’s private island is certainly fascinating for what it says about the prime minister’s violations of federal conflict-of-interest laws.

  • ontario john

    Don’t worry, he will easlly win the next election. He is so cool, and wonderful, has funny socks, great hair and takes pictures with muslim criminals. Canadians know what is important.

    • Mark Matis

      And even if he doesn’t, his opponent will be the Canadian equivalent of Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill. Heck, Jeb! is available. Can your PM be a naturalized citizen? We’ll be glad to get rid of Jeb!, and in fact the rest of the Shrubs as well…

  • robins111

    Again, nobody seem to want to discuss the fact that Uncle K, is the spiritual leader of the Ismaili sect of the Shia muslims. He has about 15 million plus followers.

    • Observer

      Or that the Aga Khan’s “charities” receive millions of dollars from Canadian taxpayers.

      And what are the historical origins of that sect? They were Persian assassins for hire to the highest bidders.

      • robins111

        There’s good evidence that they were the foundation of the Thugee Cult of India too.

  • deplorabledave

    I guess the question is whether he’s just stupid or something more dubious.

    • shasta

      Intelligent people are quite capable of doing stupid things; Chronic stupidity usually puts you in the class of imbeciles.

  • But this was never a surprise. People knew he was a trust fund dilettante.