FATAH: Iran reminds us of the dangers of Islamism

Justin Trudeau – Islam’s whore.

On the day after Iran erupted into yet another revolt against the dictatorship of “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, much of the mainstream media in the West acted as if nothing had happened.

As Iranian women tore off their hijabs in protest on Thursday, the Friday edition of one Toronto paper carried a large photograph of two women in hijabs on the cover of its “insight” section, with the title #ACTIVISM.

For many Iranians in Canada, it could not have been a worse insult.

  • Gary

    These are the same al-cuds types that want legalized wife-beating and pedophilia.

  • robins111

    By the time this is finished, the Iranians will have reamed Justy’s butt till it looks like a Blue Whales mouth.

  • ismiselemeas

    With Chinese communists party shills and thieves, Iranian 5th columnists, Sikh radicals and others our parliament wears a coat of many colours. Make no mistake about it, Canada’s best interests are being undermined from within.

  • Well, obviously.