Continental Breakfast

Sticky Bacon Bread!

This treat is best described in whimpers and moans, but I’ll do my very best to adequately describe the sheer and undeniable ‘epicness’ of such a decadent delight, using cognitive speech, ok? it goes:  Warm, fluffy and flaky Biscuits, layered & drenched in melted Butter, thick Brown Sugar & sweet Maple Syrup, held together by shards of sticky, candied Bacon that’s crusted onto the bottom AND onto the top of the Whole. Darn. Thing!  ~whew!

Sean Davis: The top 10 undercovered news stories of 2017

There were so many gigantic news events in 2017 that the merely huge, or yooge, got the dog-bites-man treatment. What happened while we were focused on the president’s tweets; the attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act; the hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico; the tax bill; and #MeToo?

De Blasio Really Has An Issue With A Basic American Right

“What’s been hardest is the way our legal system is structured to favor private property. I think people all over this city, of every background, would like to have the city government be able to determine which building goes where, how high it will be, who gets to live in it, what the rent will be,” de Blasio told New York Magazine in September 2017.

“I think there’s a socialistic impulse, which I hear every day, in every kind of community, that they would like things to be planned in accordance to their needs,” de Blasio said. “And I would, too.”

Sounds oddly familiar doesn’t it?

Feds to search social media using AI to find patterns of suicide-related behaviour

The Canadian government will soon hire an Ottawa-based company specializing in social media monitoring and artificial intelligence to forecast potential spikes in suicide risk.

A contract with Advanced Symbolics Inc., an AI and market research firm, is set to be finalized next month.

Working with the company to develop its strategy, the federal government will define “suicide-related behaviour” on social media and “use that classifier to conduct market research on the general population of Canada,” according to a document published to Public Works website.

They’re going to be looking at a whole lot more than suicide risk.

This extreme cold is just weather but all heat waves are climate change

There is a deep asymmetry in science. Don’t take it from me, take it from the former President of American Meteorological Society (AMS) and a current Director of the University of Georgia’s (UGA) Atmospheric Sciences Program. Marshall Sheppard would know, he has written over “80 peer reviewed papers” which gives him secret weather knowledge. It’s a kind of smarts that people who analyze MRI scans, design aerofoils or find minerals 3,000m underground can only aspire to.

He’s worried that people are mocking climate change, just because snap-frozen sharks are washing up on the beach, and it’s hitting minus 50C in Canada. In the last twenty years mankind has put out more than a third of all the CO2 homo sapiens has ever made since Homo Erectus lit their last fire. Despite that whole extra blanket on the planet, the last time it was this cold was, like 1917.

Junior Amisial, 31, crossed the border illegally into Canada from U.S. in August to claim asylum. (Alison Northcott/CBC)

Quebec companies look to asylum seekers to help fill labour shortages

Quebec is in the midst of a labour shortage brought on by an aging population and economic growth. The province’s unemployment rate was 5.4 per cent in November, one of the lowest rates in Canada, and Quebec’s lowest in decades.

It means employers across several sectors are desperate for both skilled and unskilled workers, and some see an opportunity in the recent wave of asylum seekers like Amisial.

“It’s a win-win opportunity,” said Yves-Thomas Dorval, head of Quebec’s employers’ council. “For the people it will be much better for them to work for an employer and make revenue and help them to support their family and so forth than staying and doing nothing. And they want to work.”

$10 says this story was planted by the Trudeau administration.