America’s Mainstream Media Back Kim Jong Un Over Trump In Nuclear Standoff

A crazed dictator of a violent autocracy declares that he has a button controlling nuclear weapons on his desk. The U.S. media yawns.

President Trump warns the nutball that he, too, has a nuclear button — a bigger and more powerful arsenal — and the media loses its minds.

  • simus1

    Apparently Trump isn’t interested in “equality of outcome” which is a huge sin in the American commie journo claque’s quest for marxist utopia. Plus racism. Plus colonialism. Plus. Plus. Plus.

  • Yet no one seems to be concerned with Kim Jong-Un’s dictatorship, the murder of his subordinates and relatives and his threats to security on the Korean Peninsula.

    • Liberal Progressive

      Because all that is Stephen Harper’s fault!

  • Yes, the world’s MSM back Kim against Trump, or at least equate the two. The MSM position themselves against Trump in everything, as a matter of course. The moment they collectively decided he was the enemy, their behavior was predictable. They all knew was their task was: get him looking bad in every possible way, no matter what he says or does. Their role in our society is leftist agitation and propaganda.

  • bill smith

    This is insane for the MSM to be doing…
    A top general and defector from NoKo recently acknowledged that Trump’s way of dealing with Fatty Kim III is the best and most effective way.
    NoKo is becoming more isolated… China and Russia have been outed for breaking the sanctions that they have agreed to.
    So WW3??? Hardly… just in the past couple of days, NoKo has decided to attend the Winter Olympics in SoKo, and have also opened up the hot-line for communications with the South.
    With the isolation kicking in, NoKo is turning to the only place that it can, SoKo… and that’s a good thing so long as the new regime in SoKo does not go on an appeasement binge like Roh did.