Why? Years after Canada opened its doors, thousands of Syrian refugees are still waiting to come here

Although his wife, two children and parents all arrived in Toronto with him in February 2016, the majority of the Darwish clan — 19 adults and children — are still languishing in Turkey, except for one sister and her family who were resettled to Brussels in November. Darwish’s brother and his wife and children have been waiting since November 2016 for their application to come to Canada to be approved.

So now we have to invite entire clans? No. The war is over send them back.

The great replacement is designed to drown Canadians in a sea of unwanted death cult “diversity”.

h/t MP

  • Liberal Progressive

    How can you say such a thing in a Muslim country like Canada?

    • deplorabledave

      Not yet.

      • Watchman

        Turdeau is burning the midnight oil to hasten it, though.

        • K1

          along with Organized Crime immigration scams…LEGIT…and NOT Legit ….

  • Jay Currie

    The war is over and we should be ensuring our Syrian guests are repatriated to their homeland. And Trudeau should be asked where ever he goes how that repatriation is going.

    • Liberal Progressive

      You just aren’t very accepting that you need to prove your virtue by working longer hours to help support these people and the family reunification of their extended families to also come here. It’s the liberal thing to do!

    • Watchman

      How could you be so heartless as to demand that Syrians return to a country devastated by a war? I’m talking about the devastation caused by whites in the Crusades. Without this white devastation and now permanent responsibility, Syria would be the most productive and prosperous country in the worldwide caliphate. This responsibility requires Canada to take as many Syrians as want to take advantage of free healthcare and permanent welfare.


      • Nothing worse than the whites of the Crusades putting a stop to the 1,000 year old Turban wearing, goat loving Arabs of the islamic Jihadic Conquests…


        PS… your sarcasm sucks…

        • Watchman

          Less than 400 (not even 1000) years of jihad before the Europeans felt that they had had to do something about the depredations to the Christian faithful on pilgrimages to The Holy Land.

          No sarc warning.

  • The islamic loving Luciferian Globalists and Poop Francis are helping, aiding and funding islamic immigration to…

    saturate, infiltrate and change governments into Sharia Law… Islamofascism…

    Immigration is being used to take advantage of Democracy… which is being used against us to vote in change and destroy us…

    • Persecuted Refugee

      You just keep on saying that until M-103 finally gives us our anti-blasphemy laws and then see what happens when you are charged for offending Islam!

      • You’re a bit flip floppy… who can keep up with you?

        In one comment you’re comparing satan to allah as the best of deceivers… <<< Which I agree with… but now you're saying that I will one day be charged for offending islam? <<< As if you're supporting satanic islam?

        PS… piss on mushammad!

        • Persecuted Refugee


          Not me.

          • My bad… I just noticed how y’all have the same moniker icon/picture… it must be automatic.

            So tell me… where are you being persecuted? Syria? America? Europe? Russia? Iran? Bahrain?

          • Persecuted Refugee

            The Islamophobic country of Canada but that will end when the new Liberal law comes in!

          • Well… you better thank Shillary Killary Clinton for her work with the OIC in getting international laws in place…

            Q: Is saying “piss be upon mushammad” blasphemy?

      • mobuyus

        You can’t be a refugee and “us” at the same time. M-109 M-103! M-103 dies with imam trudeau’s govt.

  • ontario john

    The Toronto Star has this story wanting 20,000 more muslim refugees to come to Canada, yet on their same web site they have a story by Bernie Farber that Islamophobia is running rampant across Canada. Is the Star trying to put them in a dangerous situation? That’s racist!!

    • Watchman

      I don’t remember the necessity to have holiday Diversity Bollards in the days before significant Middle Eastern Diversity.

      • JoKeR

        Well I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.

        The good news is that soon every day in major cities in Canada will be like Christmas.

        The bad news is that it will be like Christmas in Bagdad. ;(

      • Will Quest

        I vaguely & fondly remember the days when wild-eyed izzzlam did not blight our consciousness.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Phobia: I’m not afraid of the sob’s, Quit telling me I am. I just don’t trust them. Is that Trustifobia?

  • Ho Hum

    Thanks to Russia, Iran, Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah – ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups armed and supported by the U.S. and it’s mid-east allies – have been all but eradicated. Anyone in Syria who is trying to get to Canada is by definition a terrorist sympathizer if not an actual terrorist trying to save their neck.

    In the last year over half a million Syrians (Christian, Yazidi, moderate Sunni, Shia) have RETURNED to Syria. This past Christmas proved that Syria is safe once again as many towns were decorated with Christmas decorations as Syrians (of all faiths!) celebrated Christmas.

    • Watchman

      The ones that will never be safe are the Christians in Syria, in a Muslim run country.

      • Ho Hum

        Not true. Assad protects Christians and he celebrates Christmas with them. Those countries trying to topple Assad (U.S. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel) are doing so knowing full well that if Assad is removed and ISIS takes over 3 million Christians face genocide.

  • First of all, “languishing in Turkey”?

    Okay …

    The Liberals are calculating how many unvetted immigrants they need to win in 2019.

    • Alain

      After four and a half days of power outage, I can finally see what has been happening during those days of being shut off from the outside world. Clearly I didn’t miss anything.

      I think it is amusing to state they are “languishing in Turkey”, because Turkey is still a NATO member and still may be accepted to join the EU. In any case better that they “languish” there than here.

      • They make it sound as though Turkey is similar to Iraq.

        Oh, really?

        William Tecumseh Sherman was right about reporters: shoot them before dawn and one would have news from hell by breakfast.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Joshua Boyle arrested for multiple crimes including sexual assault

    • I saw this.

      He is Trudeau’s new bestest buddy 4evah!

      • Linda1000

        Must be some truth to dirty water seeks it own level or however the saying goes.

      • Alain

        I also noted that comments are closed.

  • Gary

    Didn’t Justin educate us that a Syrian is a Syrian is a Syrian . So why would the parents of Syrian children want to rip them away from their Homeland to travle over 7000 miles to raise in Canada that is a French/English nations full of islamophobes .

    Maher Arar is a Syrian and he got over $10,000,000.00 tax-free after his $400,000,000.00 extortion case but now is very quiet over the housing shortage to Syrian refugees to help his fellow Citizens.
    If Syrians in canada don’t give a damn about the refugees back home….. why are we expected to pauy to fly them here just to go on Welfare-4-life.