The Left’s 2017 Trump Predictions: An Array of Calamities That Never Happened

From economic “Armageddon” to impeachment and everything in between.

  • ECM
  • Brett_McS

    This is an excellent interview of Conrad Black, with Faith Goldy, on this topic.

  • Trump’s latest Tweets are simply marvelous! This guy is getting stronger and more daring. Fantastic!
    See what he says on Pakistan, Iran, Obama, Abedin, Crooked Hillary, Comey – wow! Theses crooks should all be in jail.

    • k1992

      He made “outrageous” (translation: strong, generally accurate) statements pre-election but this is not so unusual for those seeking office – they say things that they think will get them elected. But unlike other politicians, he didn’t completely change his tune when he was actually elected. – so refreshing! Whatever else he is, Donald Trump is a man of strength and integrity.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Since he is not a politician, he tends to keep his word.