Egypt vs ISIS

h/t RM

  • Strnj1

    …not quite fast enough…

    • mobuyus

      No one knows when karma will arrive but it always arrives on time.

    • Bernie

      Vehicles destroyed with some militants. You can’t always get a 100% kill rate however, in the dessert, sometimes Mother Nature helps.

  • Malcolm Y

    And in, er, living color.

  • Maurice Miner


    Maybe, but it was a nice kind of “Ouch!”, wasn’t it?

    All this good news so early in 2018!

    • Watchman

      “The militants arrived in three cars, but later flew out of that area.”

  • simus1

    Ay Caramba !!
    Hope it wasn’t their payroll wagon!

  • bverwey

    I always say ….. if you got ’em …..smoke ’em.

  • DaninVan

    Magic Carpet Ride… 🙂