Heroic Women Fighting for Freedom

Take note, those of you who want to see real women freedom-fighters. Look into the streets of Iran or listen to the chess champion Anna Muzychuk.

Iranian women, by risking their lives, have unmasked the faces of those trying to promote burqas and hijabs as supposed “symbols of liberation”.

The desperate attempt of Iranian people pouring out onto the streets against the Islamist regime exposes the bitter life that Iran’s citizens, especially women, have been forced to live for nearly forty years in the name of Islamic law, (sharia).

  • Gary

    Linda the Tranny calls for Jihad in the USA while the women in Iran are fed-up the blood from Jihad and sharia’s oppression.

    These are good times for the TRUE History because we have hours of video and reams of photos for every Liberal on TV that praised Linda and embrace sharia .
    In 2010 I went on the record to comment that Obama was a snake-oil salesmen and LIAR that was bought by the Corporation and hated the USA since he was an islamophile .
    As for Trump… we are now seeing how a Lawyer raised money to buy women that alleged the sexual assaults by Trump, plus we can thank Adam Schiff for his obsession to demand the Russian collusion case because it has morphed into
    linking Obama to aiding Hezballah in Lebanon to get drugs in to the USA to fund Terrorism.

    So sad……all those suckers in Canada that praised Obama and said that we need our Obama , but the Liberals in the USA now say they need a Justin Trudeau .
    The 8 years of the liar and fascist King had created Pavlov’s voters .

  • mauser 98
  • Solo712

    My stomach turns every time anyone equates “feminism” with support for women’s emancipation or struggle for civil equality. It’s fake history. The word “feminism” was from the start associated (in the minds of normal people) with fanaticism, and pathological hatred of men in that movement. The word itself (feminisme) was coined by the French socialist Charles Fourier in 1830’s who proposed to reorganize society by abolishing the family. The description itself was not accepted by the feminists themselves until 1880s by the French socialists, and from there it spread into the English-speaking world. In the US and UK, it was not used by the suffrage supporters, except as abusive epithet. The American historian Paul Johnson argued that the vote for women was delayed by the public perception of the movement as subversive of traditional family values, supporters of nattines, anarchy, and Fourierist free-love, which was the hallmark of its leaders, such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and Lucy Stone. This view of “man-eating feminists” remained well into the 1960’s when feminism was rehabilitated by Betty Friedan and the “women liberation” movement and the term became gradually synonymous with anything historically sympathetic to women.

  • bob e

    This dyke makes me have gas & vomit ..

  • Literally Hitler
  • bargogx1

    The only thing that Sarsour wench gives a damn about is promoting the ideology that requires her to wear that thing on her head.

    • Clausewitz

      She’s the modern version of Soros, looking to point out the people for execution in the hopes she gets to hold their wallets for safe keeping.