German doctors reject mandatory age tests for asylum seekers

DW Propaganda. The “child refugee” murderer of one teenager was recently revealed to be 33 but DW wants you to believe they’re all tots in swaddling clothes or is that Todt?

Calls to enforce testing have intensified after a teenage girl was killed, allegedly by a young Afghan refugee.

The German Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer) said in a statement on Monday that the introduction of a mandatory age test for refugees would be an “intrusion of the person’s physical integrity.”

“The association has considerable reservations about it,” the association’s president Frank Ulrich Montgomery, said.

“If you were to do this with every refugee it would be an interference in their human welfare,” Montgomery told the German daily newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung in its Tuesday edition.

  • WalterBannon

    The German Medical Association said that a mandatory age test for refugees would be an “intrusion of the person’s physical integrity.”

    this is the same German Medical Association that approved medical experiments on prisoners in Nazi death camps…

  • Hard Little Machine

    Because there are lots of 6ft tall 200lb 13 year olds with beards and 2 kids.

    • Watchman

      The German doctors are prepared to accept the word of the grandchildren of these immigrants that these grandparents are younger than 21.

    • Liberal Progressive

      It’s wacist to question a refugee after all their trauma traveling though all those different countries to get to their final destination!

  • Spatchcocked

    And what of the murderers intrusion into the personal integrity of the murderee ?

  • Watchman

    Message to German doctors: Contrary to your assertion that ‘intrusion of the person’s physical integrity’, determination of an immigrant’s age does not involve sawing a person in half and counting the growth rings. I would have thought you guys would have known that.


    Why do I get the feeling that the German Medical Association is a leftist SJW organisation, further proof of the saying “every organisation, unless explicitly right wing, willl eventually turn left wing”.

  • shasta

    I wonder how much of this is fear of prosecution. Courts in western countries have been eager to prosecute lower level enforcement of laws which they do not like. Like American police who avoid black crime, maybe the German doctors are just trying to cover their asses.

    • Watchman

      I don’t think this is fear of prosecution, it’s just these doctors don’t want any laws related to immigration to be enforced. No restriction on numbers, no restriction for health reasons, and no restriction on ages. In other words it’s a microcosm of the virtue signalling problem of Germany and Europe in general.

      • shasta

        Could be; or perhaps a combination of both. Hard to tell without further evidence, and the results are just as bad in any case.

        • Watchman

          OK I’ll admit there might be a tiny component of a risk of being sued if they get an immigrant’s age wrong, but i think it’s such a small risk it’s ignorable. The government that employed them to do the assessment would be liable as long as they couched the report in the right way, e.g “99% probability of the patient being no less than 21 years of age”.

          • shasta

            The risk is quite small, but I don’t believe it is the motivating factor. It is the fear of the consequences at a personal level that is the driving mechanism. This has caused many jurisdictions to have “good Samaritan” laws for example. The fear of bad consequences in a few well publicized cases caused many people to just “keep on going” when they could have provided help.

  • Exile1981

    They don’t want it known that 99% of the child migrants are over 25.

  • Why would it be against medical ethics to properly identify anyone?

  • tom_billesley

    “intrusion of the person’s physical integrity.”?
    Border entry screening for infectious diseases is a well established practice in many countries and is hardly less intrusive.