French hospital rejects trainee doctor due to ‘religious’ beard

A Paris hospital’s decision to reject an Egyptian trainee doctor because of his beard has been backed by a court, which agreed that patients might have seen it as a religious symbol.

Public hospitals, like other state institutions, must remain secular under France law, and staff are banned from wearing obvious religious symbols such as headscarves.

Nawel Gafsia, a lawyer acting for the doctor, named only as Mohamed A., argued unsuccessfully that the 2-inch beard did not necessarily indicate his religious practices. “My client could have been a hipster,” Ms Gafsia said.

However, the 35-year-old doctor himself “did not deny that his physical appearance was likely to indicate conspicuously a religious conviction,” according to a written judgement by the Versailles appeals court.

  • Blacksmith

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  • Dana Garcia

    Doctor Mohamed would not be my wellness choice.

  • Jay Harper

    Silly French, treating the symptoms rather than the disease.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    My client could have been a hipster.
    That’s reason enough.

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  • LKurc

    More proof of how stupid and bizarre the French really are. Their streets are overrun by muslim savages but they object to a doctor with a beard because that might indicate that he is religious. By those standards anyone with a beard would be ineligible including Louis Pasteur.

  • ntt1

    I do not like muslims I find their ideology inhuman unclean,unjust and murderous. I resent being forced to deal with them as cab drivers . why should I be forced to deal with a cult member in a medical situation? why force me to be cared for by a cult member whose book mandates killing unbelievers like me?