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London 2018: Vast areas of East, North and South London “no-go zones” because of acid attack epidemic

Vast areas of East, North and South London have been declared “no-go zones” by terrified delivery drivers because of the acid attack epidemic, The Sun can reveal.

Moped riders say they won’t go to the violent hotspots after 8pm because they fear being attacked with acid or knives.

Justin Trudeau: What Canadians really think of their celebrity PM

Trudeau continues to battle two competing expectations: his father’s legacy, and his looks, his biographer says. His critics use them to write him off as lightweight and superficial.

One of them, Canadian columnist J.J. McCullough, told SBS News: “For older conservative people, it’s almost as preposterous or discombobulating to think that Justin Trudeau is prime minister as it is for young people in America making peace with the fact that Trump is their president.”

Twitter blocks AfD lawmaker’s account over racist remarks against Arabs

A lawmaker from Germany’s anti-Islam, ultra-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party was blocked on Twitter most of Monday for lashing out over New Year’s greetings sent by Cologne police in Arabic.

“What the hell is happening in this country? Why does an official police site tweet in Arabic,” wrote Beatrix von Storch, a leading party member for the anti-immigrant right-wing group.

2018 shaping up to be a doozy

Now that 2018 has taken its first breaths, it is time to buckle up for a tumultuous year in politics.

At month’s end, the House of Commons returns where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will finally be put in the pillory to suffer humiliating opposition taunts as a result of his ethics violations.

His convictions by outgoing Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson — while delivered late last year without the subsequent pain of monetary penalty — nonetheless makes Trudeau the first PM in our 150 years to be found guilty of ethics breaches.

MARIN: Provincial and federal Liberals embrace politics of fear and exaggeration

Whether you look at Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government or Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, you can’t help but think it’s a sad situation all around.

Wynne’s troops are sounding nastier, uglier and more desperate by the day.