Trudeau urges Canadians to embrace shared values in 2018

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is calling on Canadians to put the values he says unite the country — openness, compassion, equality and inclusion — into practice heading into the new year.

  • Gary

    Right….like open borders and sharia .

  • bob e

    Full of noxious gas as always. I want to see his wife burqa-ed up ..

  • David_Martin

    Allow me to translate the PM’s remarks. What he really said is “Everyone knows …we need more Mo’s”

  • Thomas Henderson

    … openness, compassion, equality, and inclusion… would be okay if we all meant the same thing by these words, but alas we don’t.

    If by “openness” he meant being open to new ideas or broadening one’s perspective, sure. But this whole notion we have to buy into the latest whims and fancies of grievance nuttiness that is the fad for the day, no thank you.

    If by “compassion” he meant kindness and mercy to my neighbour in need, I’m all for that. But if by compassion he means throwing public money at leeches and layabouts or a post national globalist mindset where we look to the world instead of our own backyard, I’ll take a pass.

    I can live with an “equality” that says justice is blind to one’s status in society or that people be given an equal share in opportunity. However, I have a lot of problems with an equality mentality that emphasizes outcomes and says that people who strive for betterment should be on the tab for those who don’t.

    I’m all for “inclusion” if I’m putting together a ball team and need players eager to take part and follow the rules. Discipline and competence comes with putting one’s skills into practice and one needs a chance to do so, especially those who are often overlooked. Conversely, spoilers, scoffers and sponges need not line up.

    There was a time when the word “liberal” meant a spirit of generosity. Today it implies licentiousness. The first is about character. The other is a lack thereof. A subtle but important difference.

    • Editor

      Excellent. I think you’ve put in words what most of us thought when we saw Prime Minister Socks’ SJW platitudes. I might listen to him for a couple of seconds but only after he starts off 2018 with a tour of his favorite mosques and gives THEM this empty, condescending speech.

    • Those are soft, squishy talking points that have no bearing on reality.

      If one were to ask the average Canadian about who would be an ideal immigrant, things like language fluency, hard work and ability to acclimatise would be at the top of the list.

      One certainly wouldn’t find “compassion” from people who murder their own daughters.

  • ontario john

    Its 2018, another year of little justin apologizing to everyone. Um, ah, diversity is um, ahhhh, um, our strengh. Umm, umm, ah, Canadians are racist bastards.

  • chayisun

    Listening to this idiot is like hearing finger nails on a chalkboard. Just think, this clueless twit is going to be around ALL of 2018 spouting off from his prepared inane typed in large letters cheat sheets for all to hear his puerile stupidity. Like his/her/call him they comments about equality yadda yadda yadda……Clueless numbskull would read the phone book if his handlers told him to……

  • Linda1000
  • WalterBannon

    Trudeau is a douche

    • Tooth&Claw

      He’s a festering pustule, pretending to be a wart.

  • mauser 98
    • Bla Bla

      lol where can i get one of those fine hats?

      • mauser 98

        sold out

        • Bla Bla


  • barryjr

    Does this ” openness, compassion, equality and inclusion” include Canadians with traditional values?

    • Bla Bla


  • Allan

    F you and your social justice bullcrap. I want lower taxes, oil moved to the east from Alberta, and NO Fucking CARBON TAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bla Bla

      Haha! Double the carbon tax for you!

  • Exile1981

    So Justin is encouraging people to take up killing in the name of a make believe religion?

  • John

    ‘openness, compassion, equality and inclusion’…Yeah like those words were on Sir John A’s lips from day one

    • Bla Bla

      Funny that the libranos have no real clue what those words mean… Try and challenge them on any of their platform and prepare to be assaulted and called a hater at the same time! (Remember the poor bastards getting beat by antifa in the states with ‘love not hate’ sitcks and shields lol)

  • Dave

    From the people I know, the only “shared values” that may unite the country is his demise, and any progeny. The elimination of the trudope bloodline would be a good start to healing this country.

  • ECM

    OMFG, the irony! The liberals have spent 60-years destroying the culture that made Canada, Canada, and this twat wants to extol people on the virutes of shared culture?? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • Bla Bla

      Indeed, I thought we were ‘post national’ and without culture… I’m so confused now!

  • Bataviawillem

    I thought we where not aloud to have core values, according to the PM, that was for old fashioned hillbilly country’s full of rednecks and deplorables.

    • Bla Bla

      Exactly. Poor taliban trudeau only knows how to preach words, but not understand them – a puppet of the highest order…

  • Tooth&Claw

    The people you are accepting as ‘new’ citizens believe in none of these things. So, Trudope, go hang yourself, preferably with your fancy socks.

    • V10_Rob

      Shared values? I thought ‘diversity is our strength”.

  • Morticiaa

    That photo says it all
    By inclusion and openness he must mean transparency too
    So when will he share the video of his secret meeting with
    Mark fuckerberg

  • Bla Bla

    That babbling little criminal boy king hasn’t resigned yet? The libranos are truly back and thanks to all sorts of moronic canadians who were easily distracted by the criminal media organizations. The canadian people of course will be stuck wondering why canada is quickly becoming a turd world bannana republic that will serve no one but the laurentian criminal elite and their globalist billionaire buddies as they freeze and starve to death in the dark.

  • There are no shared values in a “post-national” country, Justin.