The New Iranian Revolution: Is It Possible?

Nineteen seventy-nine was a momentous year. In my little world, college graduation was celebrated with enthusiasm and zeal. In the world at large, the Iranian revolution occurred – and wreaked havoc and destruction in ways neither the Iranians nor the rest of the world could have ever imagined.

At the time, being an educated and low-information voter, as we know they are synonymous, I paid little attention to these circumstances except to understand that the Shah and his secret police, the Savak, were deposed; a medieval-looking, menacing ayatollah took over the country; and Americans were held hostage, eventually being released.

Fast-forward several years.

  • UCSPanther

    I am fervently hoping for a “Persian Spring” which ends with the Ayatollahs getting their well-deserved graves. It would further isolate North Korea, reduce Russia and China’s influence, and hopefully, put an end to Al Quds day forever…

    • Solo712

      Well, I am not so sure. Russia and China are not exactly enamored by the ayatollahs, but they are smarter than the Americans and realize that to gain leverage in Tehran they need to cultivate friendly ties with them, patiently wait for things to change. They understand the political dynamics in the country much better than the EU and US. The political ideology of Khomeinism (welayat al-faqih, the rule of the learned scholar) is not popular in the sophisticated urban populations – even among the elites – who consider being “chaperoned” by the retrograde mullahs culturally insulting and eonomically suicidal. Unlike their Sunni counterparts, many Shi’a scholars – inside and outside Iran – are calling for a modern secular (!) state, where religion will only play the role of a moral guide. Here is something shocking: the grandson of ayatollah Khomeini is among the reformers!!!

  • Hard Little Machine

    It will be with delicious irony I will watch the news if the Iranian regime rolls tanks over the protesters just like shah did in 1979, if only to hear the liberals and the NYT cheer and clap with joy.

  • Jaedo Drax

    Possible, yes. Likely, no, as the people would likely have to peel off all of the army, to deal with the Quds.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Regime change is the optimal way to removing this menace to peace. However, even if the Iranian protestors fail this time, as long as we express our support and encourage their continued protests, the opposition will not die. Oppresive regimes do not last forever, as the Polish communists learned when Solidarity cried, “Enough!”