The Death of Academic Rigor

House of Diversity

The notion of academic rigor has fallen on evil times.  In a typical instance of continuing epistemic degradation, Donna Riley, of Purdue University’s School of Engineering Education, insists that rigor must be eliminated since rigor is a “dirty deed” fraught with “exclusionary implications for marginalized groups and marginalized ways of knowing.”  It matters little, apparently, if our bridges collapse so long as “men of color and women, students with disabilities, LGBTQ+ people, first-generation and low-income students” are welcomed into the new holistic community defined by “other ways of knowing” – whatever these may be.


  • simus1

    So if the loons sign off on one of their fellow loons building designs to be in solidarity and it then falls down and kills a bunch of people, they expect a free pass instead of jail?

  • Ed

    Well shit! Manufacturers like GM, Ford, Boeing etc. need to hire these graduates.

    Anytime there’s a class action lawsuit about faulty design, trot out these engineers and dare the racist law to hold ’em liable.

    • Gary

      Wait until the White Liberals are sick in 20+ years and the Surgeon in the O.R. has a Diploma from a Jane & Finch High school and got 53% in their medical exams with the benefits or affirmative action .
      Or how about Justin’s Son in a car crash with part of his skull hanging off and the man outside the Hospital ER smoking pot has a unique Tattoo on the right forearm that Justin notices but then at the last moment the Surgeon in Scrubs is washing up to do the brain work and Justin sees it’s the same tattoo and he saw on just outside smoking pot .
      We hear how pot is harmless and makes people better at work and driving.
      Okay Justin….. then sit back and let’s see that Pot smoking Brain Surgeon is better at fix his sons skull .

  • Gary

    I noticed a problem about 20 years ago during my community Plays and seasonal musical that were volunteer with some stage experience or had time in choirs and school plays ( I’m no Justin Trudeau ) .
    There were a few high school teachers that not only didn’t like my opinions based on the my experience …but they had the nerve to to assert that I should have the right to give my opinion that was rude and hurtful.
    The problem was that I had started working in 1966 and did many jobs even though high school and was a musician and did acting and singing and EmCee work for 9 years dealing with functions from 400-1300 people with a hot Mic to deal with issues live.

    Somehow , a person living at home until their late 20’s an goes right into a Teaching job has a better perspective of Life and the World that me that lived on my own at 16 and paid cash for everything to get through school with NO gov hand-outs .
    These parents with good intentions had poisoned their children as the Alpha snowflakes that poisoned every student they encountered with the myopic
    view of the then 4 billion plus people on earth. When I was training new employee the rich kid with the schooling to 25 didn’t want to be told anything and had expected to make $60,000.00 a year .
    But when we had screw-up s traced back to these new employees they would tell my boss that I didn’t teach them about that issue.

    Now these fascists are in the Government and the HRC’s to control thought that they don’t approve of. The CRTC and Social Media controls the radio and TV to make or break a career .
    Justin had the nerve to opine about iran and said that he supports the right for peaceful protests…BULL , he and the Premiers now control which groups get to protest and which religion can spew hatred in public and call for killing all the jews where the Police are ORDERED to stand down and allow it to prevent terrorism risks .

  • bargogx1

    Every now and then this “other ways of knowing” horseshit pops up, but not once have I ever seen any explanation of what any of those “other ways” might be.

    • shasta

      Kinda like “alternate facts”.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Higher education must be placed under the consumer protection laws.